Etihad First Class Flight: What You Can Expect

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Flying in the Etihad first class is an experience on its own. It is a promise that if you board the Etihad first class once, you will never be able to forget the beautiful and comfortable flying experience which you get. Many would argue, how is it any different from the Etihad Business Class? Why should they pay anything extra when the Business Class seats from the airline are very comfortable as well? The answer lies in the whole different experience which you will get. Let’s go over the experience which you will get once you board the flight, or better yet before you board the flight.


Etihad First Class Chauffeur, Lounge and Spa

Right from the moment you leave your home, Etihad ensures that your journey is smooth, which is why the airline sends a Chauffeur your way to receive you from your home and drop you to the airport. Then an employee from the airline will help you check-in your luggage. After checking-in, if you have extra time on your hands, you can go and relax in the Etihad’s first lounge if there is one at the airport you are in. The lounge will offer you some of the best international cuisines and beverages which will satisfy your hunger. Then you can also relax at the Spa present in the lounge and relax those tensed muscles in your body. Just before you board your flight, freshen up by taking a shower, and till then, the lounge employees will get your clothes ironed. The lounge is complimentary for people who are flying in the airline's first-class or Residence. There is a VIP room as well that you can upgrade yourself to. If you have a family or group of friends, the VIP room is the perfect place for you. You can upgrade to the VIP room for a cost of $100. 

Etihad First Class Gourmet Dining Experience

One of the best things about flying in the Etihad first class is the experience with the food. You can indulge in a gourmet dining experience with the airline. The chef on-board will make you the exact dish you want to eat. Then, if you are a wine taster, you can taste the airline’s select wines they have on-board especially for their first-class customers. If you feel like relaxing and stretching your legs, step on to the lobby of the first class. You can sit here with your friends, order a beverage and enjoy live sports on the widescreen TV.

Etihad First Class Entertainment System

You will never be bored on an Etihad flight. There is a personal entertainment system for you that is right in front of your seat. You can browse through hundreds of movies and TV series and thousands of songs to keep yourself entertained. If you are feeling bored and want to get some work done, you can do that by connecting to the Wi-Fi. In case you want to call someone and talk to them about something significant, you can make calls for which the charges will be included in your next bill from your service provider. One of the best things about the Etihad First Class is the sleeping experience. You don’t have to sleep in your seat; you will get a separate bed where you can stretch your legs comfortably and close your eyes for a few hours. Also, don’t forget to try out the amenity kit provided by Etihad, it will help you stay fresh.

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