Etihad In-Flight Wellness Ambassadors to Ensure Hygiene and Safety

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Etihad Airways is a pioneer in providing luxury airline services. It offers some of the best-in-class Business class and First class tickets. One reason why people love flying with the airline is their hygiene standards. Flights from Etihad are clean and well maintained. At a time of global crisis, people want their flights to be safe and clean more than ever. To boost their customer’s confidence in the airline and also for the peace of their mind, Etihad has announced in-flight wellness ambassadors. It is a new wellness programme which Etihad has started to keep their passengers safe and happy. Let’s take a look at what this programme is. Etihad-In-Flight-Wellness-Ambassadors-Programme-Detailed

In-Flight Ambassadors to Educate Passengers

The Etihad in-flight Wellness Ambassadors programme complements the measures introduced by the Abu Dhabi authorities for keeping people safe from the coronavirus pandemic. The in-flight ambassadors of the wellness program will educate people on all the important information about the global-pandemic. Passengers will also get to learn about how they can play their part in curbing the spread of novel coronavirus. The programme from Etihad airways is in partnership with the Abu Dhabi Airports. The ambassadors will be present at the airport and will help the passengers in boarding their flight right from the time they enter the airport.

To be Available 27/7 for Passengers

Ambassadors role won’t just stop once they have they helped the passenger in boarding the plane. They will also help passengers with onboard services. Along with this, the ambassadors will be available to help passengers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They will ensure that customers have a safe and hygienic trip with Etihad. The airline has also released an online guide available for everyone. The guide entails about all the procedures that a passenger must follow while travelling. This is an innovative kind of customer care service provided by Etihad Airways. None of the other airlines has done anything similar to this.

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