Etihad Residence: The Most Luxurious Flight Experience You Can Get

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Etihad Airways is one of the most luxurious airlines in the world. The most expensive and luxury flight experience that you get with the airline is with its Residence. So what is Etihad Residence? It is your three-room apartment in the sky. The Residence is only available in the airlines A380’s. You will have a shower room, a separate living area, and a private bedroom. There will be an individual team on-board dedicated only to serve your needs. Let’s take a look at what flyers booking Etihad Residence experience in detail.



The Residence Lounge

If you are travelling in the Residence or First Class of the airline, you are eligible to enter in any of the lounges of the airline in Abu Dhabi airport for free. Just take a seat and enjoy some of the best international cuisines. You can also try out some of the wines from the Etihad cellar which you will surely love. In case you have a tensed body and mind, unwind at the Six Senses spa. You can also blow out all the steam in your body at the airline's fitness room. You can also get some of your work done in the Business Centre area of the airport lounge which is equipped with Wi-Fi. Before boarding your flight, take a shower while the lounge staff irons your clothes so that you look fresh when you step on to the flight.

VIP Travel Concierge

If you are travelling in the Etihad Residence, then get used to all the luxury and facilities. You will be provided with a VIP travel concierge who will take care of your every plan and needs. They will ensure that your trip doesn’t feel bad and is smooth as butter. Along with that, the airline will also send a chauffeur to your place for picking you up for the airport. In case you want to keep a low profile at the airport, then that will be arranged as well.

Etihad Residence Apartment On-Board

First of all, you will have your three-room apartment when you board the aircraft. Right from the time you step onto your flight, you will be accompanied by a butler and a team of staff which will be dedicated to looking after your requirements. Let’s talk about the food now. The Chef on-board will prepare anything that you wish to eat. With this, you have the option of dining whenever you want to. There are no time restrictions for you. Everything that is served to you will be fresh and tasty.

When you want to stretch your legs, you can go to your bedroom, which is right down the hallway. There is a double bed which has a custom-made mattress to provide you with the kind of comfort which you will never forget. You will be provided with premium sleepwear as well. You can even request your breakfast on your bed. In case you want to work from above, you can take access to the complimentary Wi-Fi that is available for Residence flyers. Also, you can make calls from above. There are also plenty of entertainment options available. You can choose from hundreds of movies and TV shows and thousands of songs to keep yourself entertained. Before you step out of the aircraft, you have the option of showering in your shower room and you will be able to look fresh when you reach your destination.

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