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India has launched a new initiative Vande Bharat Mission which will evacuate stranded Indians stuck in virus affected nations and bring them safely to India. Air India and Air India Express will be the helping hand for the government in bringing Indian Citizens back to the nation. The government-owned carrier will operate in nearly 12 countries. The operations by Air India will be the world’s largest evacuation. Air India has been helping the government of India to combat the deadly virus by operating Rescue and Cargo flights around the globe.


Air India will Deploy 64 Flights in Vande Bharat Mission

Air India along with Air Express, will operate 64 flights in seven days and bring back nearly 14,800 stranded Indians who are stuck at nearly 12 countries. Approximately 2,300 Indians will be airlifted from various locations in a single day. Out of which 300 passengers will be evacuated from the United States which will be followed by UK, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and many more. Union Ministry of State Affairs has marked that people who will have an OCI Card, Visa of more than one year or green card of their respective country, they will be allowed to board Air India flights which will leave from India. Air India has also invited the passengers to apply for passage from India under the new international travel norms regulated by the government.

Air India and Air Express Will Follow all the Logistic Aspects of the Mission

Air India and Air Express have made all the necessary arrangements. All the Aircraft have been disinfected, and safety protocols will be followed by the staff, who will be indulged in the operations. Passengers will also be directed to wear face masks and use sanitisers to eliminate the threat of the deadly virus. Also, Social distancing norms will be followed throughout the entire Vande Bharat Mission.

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