Finnair Supporting Local Businesses Making ‘Clean Kits’ for Passengers

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Finnair is working with local businesses to provide passengers will locally manufactured PPE equipment. The demand for PPE ( Personal Protective Equipment) has increased because of the COVID-19 scare. This is a chance for local businesses of Finland to earn some money out of the rising demand. Instead of procuring equipment from an International company, Finnair is purchasing materials for its clean kits from local businesses. This move from the airline will help the local businesses in growing further.


Finnair Clean Kits

Finnair is providing passengers with clean kits when they board the plane. The clean kits contain — two sachets of hand sanitiser, an information card about the protective measures which are in place, an isopropyl wipe which is used to clean face or hands and an envelope which is there contain personal waste items.

The airline does ask its passengers to carry their own PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). At the same time though, Finnair also has its own stock of PPEs to provide to the crew members. All these PPEs come from Finland manufacturers itself.

Head of Customer Experience Product Design, David Kondo said, “we’ve changed a number of our processes in response to COVID-19, particularly with increased cleaning measures and reducing and minimizing contact in the air and on the ground. By distributing the ‘Clean Kit’ we provide even further reassurance to our passengers. It’s a very visible and tangible token of our commitment to the safety of our customers and a safe flying environment.”

Kondo further said that the airline is very careful about the sensitive parts inside the aeroplane. Finnair is ensuring that only safe material is going into sensitive surfaces. After discussions with the manufacturers of different parts of the aircraft, Finnair has decided to use isopropyl alcohol. This is the only element inside the clean kit which does not come from Finland.

Finnair is trying to do everything right by its customers and the government by only purchasing locally manufactured PPEs.

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