Finnair Introduces the Biometric Self-Boarding System at Los Angeles International Airport

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Finland’s largest airline Finnair has started using biometric boarding at Los Angeles International Airport. The passengers can now glance at a camera established at eGate prompting identification and can fly out of the country without showing passport or boarding pass.

Finnair has associated with Vision-Box, the leading provider of electronic identity management solutions, for establishing the system at the airport. Finnair flight from LAX to Helsinki Airport was the first that utilised the biometric eGates.


How Biometric Self-Boarding System Works

The camera will capture the face of the passenger and send it to the CBP Traveler Verification Service (TVS), where the system will conduct a matching process with the earlier digitally stored image of the passenger. Once the system finds the image as verified, it will also reconcile the flight and other ID details. Within seconds of the process, the system will prompt the e-gate to open, enabling the passenger to board the aircraft.

According to Finnair, biometrics can enhance the customer experience, speed and security of the boarding process. Customer feedback was very positive, and we are looking forward to having more stations to utilise biometrics in the future, including our home hub Helsinki Airport, where we plan to start biometrics tests with the airport operator Finavia and Vision-Box, Finnair ground experience manager Sami Suokas said.

This comprehensive platform connects passengers and all other journey actors, within a productive trusted identity ecosystem. It relies on and is an enabler of unprecedented quality of biometric data and facial recognition matching performance. That’s what makes it so fast, accurate and secure at the same time, Vision-Box CEO and Founder Miguel Leitmann said.

The result is a hassle-free experience for passengers at boarding, or possibly at any other checkpoint. Having Finnair onboard was a straightforward process and one more confirmation that biometrics is becoming the new normal, he added.

Biometric self-boarding solution was under the scope of the US Biometric Exit trial programme since 2017. Vision-Box, Los Angeles World Airports Authority (LAWA), and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) together conducted the trial.

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