Finnair Introduces Precautionary Measures to Ensure Safety of Passengers

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The largest airline of Finland, Finnair is gearing up to make air travel safe for passengers. As nations are lifting restrictions, air travel will gradually increase in future. To ensure that passengers have a comfortable and safe journey, Finnair is following all the precautionary measures which will eliminate the threat of Covid-19. One of the major visible changes that Finnair has made is making the surgical mask mandatory for passengers boarding flight. Also, it is expected that passengers will have to wear the surgical mask all the time, and this might continue until August 2020. Here are other preventive measures are taken by Finnair to make air travel safe for passengers.


Passengers Will be Seated Far Away From Each Other On-Board

One of the major changes that Finnair has done is changing the seating pattern on-board. Customers will be seated far away from each other on-board. Also, the seating arrangements will be reviewed by the airline staff before passengers get in the flight. Sanitisation wipes will also be available for passengers on-board. Airline bus, which will be used for transporting passengers, will operate on a maximum 50 % of its capacity. Also, aircraft cleaning will be done especially by Finnair, to make sure that aircraft used in commercial operations do not hold the virus.

Surgical Masks and Social Distancing Will be Mandatory for Passengers

Finnair will also make social distancing mandatory for passengers. All the passengers will be asked to maintain a healthy distance of at least 1 meter from each other. Also, they will be advised for web check-in instead of airport check-in as it would reduce physical contact from airport staff. Finnair will also make surgical masks mandatory for both passengers and staff. All the cabin-crew staff will use sanitisers frequently, and they will wear surgical masks all the time.

Similarly, passengers will be asked to wear a surgical mask during the entire travel time. However, children below the age of 7 will not have to wear masks. Also, other exemptions regarding surgical masks will be subjected to prior clearance from Finnair Medical desk. Customers will also be asked to carry the least hand luggage and avoid unnecessary movement in the cabin. Finnair will timely review all the precautionary measures and update them if needed.

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