Flight Costs Are Going To Skyrocket Post Lockdown

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Once the lockdown is removed and commercial airline operations resume, flight costs are going to skyrocket. As of now, the airlines are in distress over ceased operations. There is no cash inflow yet there are fixed costs for the airlines that are to be met. It is expected that the flight tickets are going to increase three-fold in price. The reason is not only the losses airlines faced during the lockdown but also the losses that they are going to face once it is over. The new rules and regulations proposed by CISF to the aviation ministry are going to drive up the costs for the customers.

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New Protocols To Operate Flights Going To Cost Customers

The new protocols from CISf suggested to the Aviation Ministry that now airlines will have to leave their middle seats vacant. This will be done to ensure social distancing. But this will result in higher fuel costs for the airlines. So they are likely to increase the flight fares by 1.5 or 3 times the average base fares. A 180 seater aircraft will only take aboard 60 people after the new rules apply, even though this is good for passenger’s safety, the costs will surely burn a hole in the pockets of customers.

DGCA Looking To Comprehend How Flights Will Resume

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is planning for how flights will resume once the lockdown is over. The new rules which will come out may seek a 1.5-metre distance at least between the passengers at the airport. There will be marking points everywhere which will guide the passengers about where they need to stand and when to move ahead. It will be interesting to see how the airlines will deal with new changes and just how costly the flights will become after the lockdown is over.

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