German Airports Will Test Passengers Reaching Germany For Free

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German Airports are getting prepared to test all the passengers reaching Germany for COVID-19. German Health Ministry has taken this decision to restrain the rise of the COVID-19. In an announcement, the German Health Ministry said that they will provide COVID-19 tests to all the passengers travelling to Germany upon reaching there. The ministry also said the tests will be free of cost. The COVID-19 tests will not be obligatory and the cost of the tests will be incurred by the German government, said the Health Minister Dilek Kalayci. Kalayci said, "Those returning from risk countries should be tested, and those returning from non-risk countries will also have the option." She further added travellers from non-risk countries will not be tested at the airport. Although, they can get a COVID-19 test from any health authority for free.

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German Airports Setting Up Test Centers At The Airport

As per reports, German Airports are getting test centres set-up at all the international airports. The reason behind this set-up is getting travellers from risky countries tested before they leave the airport. Though the tests are not mandatory, travellers will have to undergo quarantine for 14 days. The rules for quarantine are if a passenger does not wish to be tested or a person who has tested positive will have to be quarantined.
The city government of Berlin announced that Berlin Airport will have test centres set-up by this week. Whereas, tests at Frankfurt, Cologne/Bonn and Munich Airports have already begun. Except for EU and Schengen regions, 130 countries across the globe are risky-countries as per the report of Robert Koch Institute (RKI), a German public health institute.

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Concerns of Rising COVID-19 Cases Amid Summer Tourism

The scheme was introduced by looking at the increase in summer tourism in the country. Travellers from 11 EU Council's safe third countries have been permitted to enter Germany since July 2. EU council on June 30 recommended to the EU Member States and Schengen zone countries to lift the ban from travelling for the residents. The EU Council gave a list of 15 third-countries which are considered safe from Corona Virus.
Earlier, Germany had permitted non-residents whose visa had expired to live in Germany until September 30. This decision was taken due to the suspended travel routes amid the global pandemic.

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