GMR Hyderabad International Airport Rolls Out DigiYatra to Transform the Travel Experience for Flyers

Hyderabad International Airport rolls out Govt. of India's signature Digi Yatra programme. Mr. Pradeep Panicker, CEO-GMR Hyderabad International Airport, inaugurated the innovative programme on 18th August that is set to transform the travel experience for flyers.

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GMR Hyderabad International Airport Rolls Out DigiYatra
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Under the DigiYatra Programme initiated by the government, the digital processing of passengers at GMR Hyderabad International Airport has begun through the DigiYatra platform as a proof of concept from Thursday. The PoC will continue for three months from 18th August.

Kempegowda International Airport, Bengaluru, has also rolled out the DigiYatra programme on Independence Day. Hyderabad International Airport is also one of the airports chosen for the proof of concept for DigiYatra. This technology will enable passengers to experience paperless travel and avoid multiple identity checks as they use a face scan as a boarding pass.

Hyderabad International Airport with Many Firsts:

Hyderabad International Airport was the first in the country to trial and test the Face Recognition Technology in 2019. Hyderabad Airport was also the first in India to roll out end-to-end, fully paperless E- Boarding for all domestic passengers and select international airlines. It is also the only airport in India to offer an Express Security Check facility for passengers. Now the Digiyatra scheme will make travel for the passengers easy and lead to a gate-free experience.

At the Hyderabad International Airport, with the help of the DigiYatra programme, the identity of the passengers would be processed through a facial recognition system at a few checkpoints, such as the one at the Security Hold Area (SHA) and the other at the Departure Domestic Entry Gate 3.

This government programme will help passengers travel paperless without going through the various security and identity checks that are usually done at airports. The process would help make the travel uninterrupted and stress-free for the passengers.

DigiYatra App:

DigiYatra app goes beta and is available for passengers to download from the Play Store, and the IOS version will be released in a few weeks. Passengers can enjoy the benefits of this government programme with the help of this app that was launched on August 15.

How to use the DigiYatra App:

  1. You have to download the DigiYatra app on your device, first.
  2. After opening the app on your device, you have to enter your Aadhar or Driving License to get the system authentication done.
  3. Soon you will receive an OTP on your registered mail or mobile number.
  4. By entering the OTP, the app will extract your e-KYC data from the Aadhar Database. Scan passport first page.
  5. After this, you have to take a selfie to register the facial biometrics.
  6. Passenger’s face is validated and associated with authenticated face photograph
  7. Passengers will then associate their Digiyatra IDs with their current or future flight bookings or Boarding Passes
  8. Whenever you will scan the boarding pass, all your travelling data would be fetched by the app and shared with the concerned airport, airline and Immigration (in case of International Travel) on the day of travel in an encrypted format.

Showing Physical Tickets, and ID at checkpoints will be a thing of the Past:

Since the DigiYatra Biometric Boarding System is integrated with the identity document, passengers will no longer need to show their tickets/ boarding passes and their physical Identity cards at the checkpoints of Airports. This will lead to reduced queue waiting times, faster processing times and simpler processes, enhancing the passenger experience.

DigiYatra also enables the passengers to receive relevant information about various facilities, protocols, airline timings, and queue waiting times at the airport for passengers' convenience and improve the travel experience.

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