Goa Airport Quarantine Rules: All You Should Know

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Airport Authority of India (AAI) regulates a total of 137 airports in India. The airports body has issued new Goa airport quarantine rules. Every passenger travelling to Goa must know about these rules. Every city and state has different quarantine rules so you should be aware of them. As per the new rules, travellers flying to Goa will have two options. One is they can opt for 14 days home quarantine. Second is they can opt for 14 days of institutional quarantine. Until the time test results are available, the institutional quarantine will be a must.


Goa Airport Quarantine Rules

In case a passenger wants to be exempted from the home quarantine of 14 days, there is one way they can do that. They will have to provide a COVID-19 negative certificate issued by ICMR recognised lab. The report shouldn’t be older than 48 hours of arrival to Goa. Subsequently, the passenger can opt for a Rs 2,000 swab test upon arrival as well. Till the time test results are out, he/she will have to stay in quarantine.

Goa Airport quarantine rules also suggest key guidelines for tourists. The tourists must have pre-booked hotels upon arrival. They will have to show proof of the same. Every tourist will have to undergo basic screening at the airport.

The authorities will ensure that you have booked your hotel stay with a registered accommodation unit or not. Alongside that, the validity of the duration of the passengers stay will be checked as well. In case during the screening process if a passenger is found having any symptoms of COVID-19, then he/she will be subjected to a designated COVID-19 test centre and will be quarantined. Until the time test results don’t come, the passenger will be quarantined. In case the test results come positive, then the passenger will have to undergo institutional quarantine. The costs of the institutional quarantine will be borne by the passenger itself.

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