GoAir Wins Best Airline Title at Andaman Tourism Awards 2019

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According to the stats, GoAir has been one of the most punctual airlines of India in the past year. It was recently awarded the title of ‘Best Airline’ in the recently held Andaman Tourism Awards 2019. The awards ceremony was held at Port Blair which was in association with the tourism ministry and Andaman Association of Tour Operators. GoAir has been able to keep its flights on time for the last 12 consecutive months, be it for domestic flights or international flights, there are no exceptions.


GoAir a Contributing Factor for a Dramatic Increase of Tourists

Managing Director of GoAir, Jeh Wadia was present at the ceremony, he noted that from different sources of government statistics, between 2011 and 2018, the number of domestic tourists arrival increased by an extravagant 150% mark. The figures went from 2.02 lakh to 5.13 lakh which is phenomenal growth. He said that GoAir has played a major part in this growth by making the accommodations for the tourists a pleasant and timely experience. Mr Wadia also reminded that it was 8 years back when GoAir initiated its flight services to Port Blair, and since that time, GoAir employees have relentlessly worked to help Port Blair grow.

GoAir Has Been the Most Punctual in the Last Year

From the stats provided by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), GoAir has managed to be the most punctual airline in August 2019, which has never happened in the history of the Indian aviation sector. It is GoAir’s twelfth month in a row where it has been able to be at the first position of the on-time-performance (OTP) charts. As of today, GoAir is operating its flights at 24 domestic destinations and 7 international destinations as well.

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