GoAir Baggage Allowance Policies, Extra Charges and Rules You Must Know

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GoAir has made quite a reputation for itself in the domestic aviation segment in India. It has won many awards recently and broke some of the unheard records of being on time. After IndiGo, GoAir is considered to be one of the cheapest flight services in India. GoAir’s cabin crew has been recognised as one of the best crews in the aviation industry. With any airline, you have to be aware of the baggage you are checking-in because if you don’t you might find yourself in trouble. Every airline has a different set of policies for baggage allowance. The Wadia group-owned airline has the reputation of being one of the best choices of flying when it comes to saving costs. That also factors into the fact of how much luggage you are allowed to carry on board the GoAir flight. Here is an overlook at the luggage policies of GoAir. In case you are flying in a GoAir flight anytime soon, we recommend that you go through the details once.



Baggage Allowance For GoAir as of 13th June 2020

There are different policies for the different kind of flights you check-in for. The flights may vary in their nature such as whether they are international or domestic flights. Then the kind of class you are travelling in has to be considered as well.

Goair baggage allowance for domestic travellers

Anyone travelling in a domestic flight in the economy class is allowed free baggage of up to 15 kgs (this for the check-in luggage). For the hand or cabin luggage, you will be allowed free baggage up to 07 kgs.

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The rules change when International flights come into the scene. For hand luggage on international flights, you are allowed up to 07kgs of baggage and if you are travelling with an infant, you can take additional baggage of 07 kgs for which you will not be charged. For the case of check-in luggage, GoAir has different policies for different countries.

For people travelling to the Maldives from India, they are allowed a total of 20kgs. From India to Phuket 20 kgs are free. From the Maldives to India it is still 20 kgs. People who exceed the baggage weight for any of the above-mentioned destinations, they will have to pay for each extra kg than 20kgs a total of Rs 525 and USD 8 for people travelling back from the Maldives.

For destinations such as Muscat, Abu Dhabi, a weight of up to 30 kgs is allowed, and for people who exceed the allowed limit, they will have to pay a total of Rs 525 per extra kg. For people travelling back from Muscat and Abu Dhabi, they are allowed up to 30 kgs of free luggage and after that, each extra kg from Muscat will be charged OMR 4 and from Abu Dhabi AED 60.

Special Perks You Did Not Know

For people who are business travellers, they are allowed freehand or cabin luggage of up to 07 kgs and for international or domestic flights, they will be allowed up to a total of 35 kgs of check-in baggage free.

GoAir also allows the customer to pre-book extra excess baggage in case they don’t want to pay extra bucks at the airport for the additional luggage. As per the rates given by GoAir, for 5 kgs the cost would be Rs 1,900, for 10 kgs it would be Rs 3,800, for 15 kgs it would be Rs 5,700 and for 30 kgs it would be Rs 11,400.

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