GoAir Flight Cancellation and Flight Change, Here Is How You Can Do Them

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GoAir’s excellent services have brought the airline a lot of fame. The airline is considered to be one of the cheapest amongst all the airlines in India. It is giving a tough competition to IndiGo in its pricing strategies. One of the highlights of GoAir’s services is the fact that the airline is very punctual. It recently even won an award for the same. According to sources, it has made a record for being punctual for 9 consecutive months. That is a commendable job from the airline. The Wadia group-owned airline recently launched its super savers scheme. Now you can fly to your favourite destination at a starting price of only Rs 1,690. To add to the airline’s excellent services, it has also started check-in services at the New Delhi Metro Station. GoAir also offers more discount to people who book their flights from their official app. The airline does offer flight cancellation services and flight change services. So now when you book your next flight with them, you can be relaxed about not boarding it and getting a refund. But how do GoAir flight cancellation and flight change services work? Read ahead to find out. goair-flight-cancellation-flight-change-how-you

What Is GoAir Flight Cancellation? 

Under the GoAir flight cancellation services, you can cancel any flight that you book. There are some other airlines as well who offer flight cancellation services such as IndiGo. Sometimes because of unexpected circumstances, we can’t board the flight. Despite being one of the cheapest airlines, the cost of air travel is not cheap in general. So for cancelling your flight booking, you can just log-in to the airline’s website. You can also go to their app. Just go to manage bookings and find the flight cancellation option. Click on it, and then you will be able to see the refund amount that you are getting. Just confirm by clicking on I agree or yes button and your flight will be cancelled. But in case you are not able to cancel to your flight and do not show up for it, you will get no refunds. Also, there might be situations when it is GoAir’s responsibility. According to the GoAir flight cancellation policy, you will be allowed a complete refund. Situations such as the postponement of flight or cancellation of it because of technical defaults in the flight or cancellation of flight because of weather conditions would mean that it is not your responsibility. However, before refunding you the full amount, the airline will ask you whether or not you want to travel in some other flight for which you don’t have to pay any extra amount. Depending on your approval, you will get the refund or not. Sometimes you may have to change the schedule of your flight and travel at some other time, you are allowed to do this as well. It will, however, include extra charges.

What Are GoAir Flight Cancellation and Flight Change Charges? 

There are hefty charges for when you opt either of these options. For GoAir flight cancellation, if you come under the GoAir smart flyer category, you will be charged with Rs 3,500 if you cancel your flight between 0-3 days from the scheduled departure, but if you do so in 3+ days from your flight, you will have to pay Rs 3,000 for it. But if you are a GoBusiness traveller, you have the luxury of even cancelling your flight two hours before it and you will still get a complete refund of all the taxes that you paid. But if you cancel your flight 2+ hours from the departure, you pay Rs 3,000 in addition to fuel charges. These charges were for domestic flights. For international flights, you will be charged with Rs 5,000 for 0-3 days and for 3+ days, you will be charged Rs 4,500 if you are a GoSmart flyer. For GoBusiness flyers, the cancellation charges will be the same as for their domestic flights. In case you want to rebook a flight for some other day, for 0-3 days you will have to pay Rs 3,000 plus taxes, and for 3+ days you have to pay Rs 2,500 if you are a GoSmart flyer. But if you are a GoBusiness flyer, if you choose to rebook your flight you are only entitled to pay for the taxes and the difference in the price of the flight. These charges are for the domestic flight. For the International flight, you will have to pay Rs 4,000 for 0-3 days and for 3+ days, only Rs 3,500 if you are a GoSmart flyer. But if you are GoBusiness flyer, the charges will be the same as for the domestic flights.

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