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Charter planes are the right way to travel if you want privacy and security from other people. During the time of the pandemic, many would want to travel in a way in which they can be as far away from other passengers as possible. Airlines such as SpiceJet, GoAir and IndiGo are already offering charter plane services. But now GoAir has introduced a new scheme or offer for the passengers. It is a different kind of charter plane service. The new offer is ‘GoFlyPrivate’. Using this offer, a single customer can book multiple rows for him/herself.


GoAir GoFlyPrivate

GoAir announced the new offer ‘GoFlyPrivate’ on Friday. This offer is focused on easing the experience of travelling for their customers. Now any customer can book multiple rows inside a single flight so that no one else can sit on it. Though it will be an expensive affair, it will still be cheaper than booking a whole charter flight. The airline said that the booking of multiple rows under the GoFlyPrivate offer will cost a fraction of booking a full-fledged charter plane.

Jeh Wadia, Managing Director of GoAir said, “GoAir is the first airline in India to bring the confines of a charter flight to someone who cannot afford it at the moment. GoFlyPrivate costs a fraction of a full-fledged private charter flight and it provides the same sense of privacy that the customer would otherwise feel in a private charter.”

GoAir recently also started offering the customers an option to book a seat adjacent to theirs. This scheme is called GoMore and the airline is offering it for the comfort of their customers. Both the seats of the customer will come in the same travel PNR number.

All the new services from the airline are aimed to attract customers. GoAir is struggling for revenues just like every other airline amidst the coronavirus pandemic. The option to book multiple rows in a flight is certainly a first from any of the Indian airline.

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