GoAir Flyers Booking Tickets Through Official Mobile App Will Enjoy Reduced Fares

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GoAir has skyrocketed its operations in India winning several awards in recent times. It is compared to India’s most profitable airline IndiGo in terms of providing cheap and reasonable services. GoAir has been offering unique services such as its amazing birthday cake surprise for your loved ones in-flight. The airline also has its own GoHolidays section wherein it provides you with the best budget-friendly international as well as domestic trips. One of the highlights of GoAir’s stint so far is the fact that it is the most punctual airline in the whole of the Indian aviation industry. It may not be the most luxurious airline, but it certainly holds to its promises and does not let its customers leave dissatisfied with its services. GoAir recently came into controversy when they decided to bring in Former CEO of Jet Airways Vinay Dubey into their advisory committee. GoAir has been in the aviation industry of India for quite some time now. It commenced its operations on November 4, 2005. From there on, it hasn’t looked back. Technology is a key part of any business today, and much like other airlines, GoAir has been in touch with the technology advancements as well. It has its own mobile application from which you can do everything you do on the airline’s website.


GoAir Mobile App

Most of us don’t want to go to websites nowadays when everything can be done by opening a few simple applications. GoAir noticed a trend where people were booking their flights from third party applications and they received much fewer bookings through their website. This motivated them to come out with their own mobile application. The airline didn’t take much time to launch the first version of their mobile application on December 11, 2014. Since then they have updated their application from time to time to meet the new service requirements. They provide you with some amazing offers if you use their application for booking your travel instead of third party apps.

The Mobile App offers

Smart flyers of the airline are eligible for receiving some of the best benefits from booking their flights directly from the mobile application. When you download the GoAir app, you can book tickets for your travel directly from it. You will be provided with a promo code when you open the application which you can use while booking your flight. You can also select your preferred seats in advance so that your journey goes smoothly. In addition to it, you will also have the option for booking your in-flight meals in advance so that you don’t have to worry about what you are going to eat when you feel hungry. For every service that you choose, you can make the full payments online directly through the application. GOAPP10 is a promo code that you can use to avail 10% discount on your next flight booking from the airline.

Terms and Conditions

There are some terms and conditions which you should be aware of when using their mobile application. The promo code that the airline offers in the GoAir app is only applicable in domestic flights. The discount that you get will only be applied on the base fee of your boarding ticket, other services will be charged in full. You cannot use the promo code anywhere but in their mobile app, not even on the airline’s website. There are specified dates mentioned for when the promo codes won’t be accepted by the App in the GoAir’s website. For cancellation, standard charges will apply and for rebooking, you will have to pay Rs 2,225 per PAX per segment.

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