GoAir Connects Mumbai and Coimbatore With a Direct Flight Service

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GoAir, one of the largest low-cost airlines of India, has connected Mumbai and Coimbatore now. The airline will operate direct flights between the two destinations. The direct flight service is slated to start from December 24, 2020. As per a report from The Hindu, GoAir will be using an Airbus A320neo for operating direct flights between Mumbai and Coimbatore. The other two airlines flying direct flights between the two destinations are Air India and IndiGo. GoAir has joined the party and will compete with these two airlines for passengers in the route — more details on the story ahead.


GoAir Mumbai-Coimbatore Direct Flight Service

As mentioned above, the airline will be using the Airbus A320neo for this particular route. The aircraft can accommodate 180 passengers at a time. The first flight (G8 0331) on December 24, 2020, will depart from Mumbai at 12:40 PM and reach Coimbatore at 2:30 PM.

The second flight (G8 0332) on the same day will depart from Coimbatore at 3 PM and reach Mumbai at 4:50 PM. The airline has said that it has planned the direct flight service in a manner which will increase the convenience of travelling and connectivity between the two cities.

Passengers can start booking flights for this service right away. The first flight has already taken off from Mumbai and reached Coimbatore. GoAir saw an opportunity in the route with the demand for air travel rising and took it to benefit from it.

Coimbatore airport is also gearing up for handling larger flight operations. A total of 7 new aprons are being constructed at the Coimbatore airport right now. Out of these 7 aprons, 5 are being designed to handle narrow-body aircraft such as Airbus A320. The other two aprons will be suitable for accommodating smaller aircraft.

The construction of these new aprons at the airport would mean more base flights can operate from Coimbatore. Base flights in the city arrive late at night and then fly back early in the morning. This results in longer parking times for the aircraft. But with more aprons, more flights may be added during the time slot of 11 PM to 7 AM.

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