GoAir Passengers Can Easily Pre Book Seats, Excess Baggage and Priority Check-in Services

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GoAir is one of the biggest low-cost carriers in India. Following the lead of IndiGo, the carrier is seeing very high growth rate in the industry with new routes launching every month and a fleet of aircraft which is expanding at a very rapid rate. GoAir’s major competition in the industry is IndiGo which boasts of being the biggest low-cost carrier in the industry. To match IndiGo in its own playing field, GoAir also offers many services in its portfolio which the passengers can enjoy. It is also worth noting that being a low-cost carrier, most of the services that GoAir offers match up to that level. However, the passengers who wish for a little ‘extra’ can avail some of the services that GoAir offers to have overall better flying experience. These services can be related to baggage, flights or food. Here, we cover all three of these so that you can read and find out what all services will be worth your spend on your next travel with GoAir.



GoAir Seat Selection by Pre-Booking

While travelling via flights, the choice of seats is one of the most important things that you can have. Most of the people flying on flights would like to handpick their seats while travelling. However, that is not possible always during web check-in or while checking in at the counters. It is quite possible that by the time you are checking in at the counters, most of the seats might have been filled up beforehand. But, thanks to the pre-booking seat service by GoAir, the passengers can decide their seats beforehand by paying a little extra with their booking. On the GoAir website, the carrier has also listed various pricing criteria for the passengers who opt for window, aisle or middle seat in various rows. It is also worth noting that the costs for these seats differ for domestic travel and from various destinations.

GoAir Excess Baggage Booking

Another important thing that the travellers need to take care of while opting for a flight is the baggage allowance that is set by the airline. Now we have already covered in detail about how much baggage GoAir allows in its flights. But, even though you might know all the rules about the allowed baggage, it is sometimes not possible to pack everything in one bag. In those cases, you should pre-book your excess baggage so that you do not face any hassle at the airport. This baggage can be booked in increments of 5 kgs by the passengers at the rate of Rs 1,900 for 5 kgs, Rs 3,800 for 10 kgs, Rs 5,700 for 15 kgs and Rs 11,400 for 30 Kgs. However, these rates would differ for GoAir international flights and for passengers flying on GoAir flights from the international destinations. These rates are listed on the official GoAir website.
GoAir Priority Check-in by Pre Booking

Lastly, there is the priority check-in service which will let you have a very easy time at the airport while boarding your flight. The passengers who get the priority check-in service would be able to easily check-in at the counters without any waiting at the lines. For domestic flights this service would cost only Rs 400, whereas while flying from India on an international GoAir flight, the service would cost Rs 600. The prices would be different for the services from various International destinations.




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