GoAir ‘Protect Your PNR’ Scheme Got Extended Until May 3, 2020

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India is in a lockdown at the moment. The lockdown which started back on March 25, 2020, was supposed to be lifted on April 14, 2020, but that didn’t happen. Yesterday, PM Narendra Modi addressed the nation and announced that the lockdown is going to be extended up till May 3, 2020. So now, the bookings which customers had made during the time of lockdown will be protected. GoAir ‘protect your PNR’ scheme got extended until May 3, 2020, as well. The airline is converting the base fares of the bookings which customers made into credit shells which can be used for further bookings with the airline.


GoAir Announces No Waiver On Rescheduling or Changing Flights

The airline has announced that they are not going to charge any fee for changing or rescheduling of flights from the customers. GoAir understands that these are extraordinary times and they are doing the best they can to protect their fliers rights. Initially, when the offer was rolled out, the airline had only protected the bookings which were made between March 19 and April 15, later that date got extended till April 30. But now the new date extension has stretched it to May 3.

How To Use Credit Shells Under Protect Your PNR Scheme

It is very simple to use credit shells made by the airline for new bookings. First of all, log in either on the airline's website or mobile app. Then, under the manage bookings section, you will be able to see the PNR of your original booking which got cancelled. You can take this PNR and use it for booking a new flight or change it without any cost for once. Any difference in base fare on the new booking will be applicable. GoAir has been equipping its aircraft with better healthy security technology and is ready to fly again as soon as lockdown lifts.

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