GoAir Offers Smart Add-Ons Including Seat Selection, Refreshment and More

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GoAir is the most beloved carrier in Domestic aviation. The airline is the 5th largest airline in India with a market share of 8.6 %. It operates 325 daily flights to 32 destinations which include 25 domestic and 7 international destinations, from its hubs at Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata and Kannur. GoAir is equipped with superior process efficiency, which enables its passengers to save time. GoAir also provides extra benefits to their passengers to give them a memorable flying experience. If the passengers are looking for something, extra GoAir has got them covered. The carrier offers exclusive add-on services in terms of food, baggage and check-in. Here we’ll include all the smart add-ons provided by GoAir.


Seat and Refreshment Selection

If the passengers are looking forward to their desired window seats, aisle seats or even seats with extra legroom seats, they can get their desired seat at a very nominal cost. Also if in any case the flight is cancelled fares paid by the passengers for the desired seats will be refundable. One important thing passengers must know is that if they want an exit row seat with extra legroom they must be above 18 years and they should be physically able to reach, locate and operate the emergency window at the time of emergencies. Also, if the passengers are travelling with children or infants, they will not be entitled get exit row seat. If there is any case of emergency passengers must help the airline staff in every way possible. Talking about the refreshments passengers will get to choose from a wide variety of in-flight meals to satisfy their taste buds and cravings. If you are a food lover, you will get to choose from mouth-watering veg, non-veg and Jain meals at 30,000 ft. So if the passengers are looking forward to treating their own-self or their loved ones they can Pre-book their tasty snacks and get exciting discounts.

Excess baggage, Priority check-in and Travel Insurance

Sometimes the passengers may be unaware of the standard baggage allowances, or they carry baggage more than the allowed limit. But you don’t have to worry if your luggage weight exceeds more than the standard 15 kgs you can pre-purchase the extra luggage room in variations of 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg & 30 kg from www.GoAir.in according to your requirement. The rates for excess luggage in domestic operating flights are mentioned below

Check-in baggage (In Kgs) Charges (In INR)
5 kg ₹ 1,900
10 kg ₹ 3,800
15 kg ₹ 5,700
30 kg ₹ 11,400


Passengers must note that the dimensions of the checked baggage must not exceed 158 cm (62 inches) in overall dimensions (L+W+H). Talking about priority check-in services, GoAir provides Priority Check-in services at just Rs 400 for Domestic and Rs 600 for International routes. Passengers must note that it is a pre-paid service which can be purchased by paying a non-refundable fee, which will vary according to sector and destination wise. Passengers can avail the services 2 hours before in case of domestic departure and up to 3 hours before international departures. If you have boarded in GoAir, you’ll get an exclusive service of travel insurance under which you’ll get complete peace of mind with Trawelltag Cover-More’s Travel Protection. Under the protection Domestic Roadside Assistance, Domestic Medical Assistance, Lifestyle Assistance in India and Travel Insurance Policy will be covered. Talking about the international protection benefits Travel Assistance, 24X7 Worldwide Medical Assistance, Lifestyle Assistance Overseas, TrawellTag – 24x7 Baggage Tracking, Domestic Medical Assistance and Lifestyle Assistance In India, insurances will be covered

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