GoAir Flyers Can Keep Check on Their Flight Status, Schedule and More Via SMS Services

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GoAir is one of the most talked-about carriers in domestic aviation. The airline provides world-class flying experience to its passengers. The airline operates over 325 daily flights across 33 destinations around the globe which includes 25 domestic and 8 international destinations. GoAir provides many add-on services to their passengers to give them a comfortable and hassle-free experience on-boarding the flight, which includes excess baggage, priority services and many more. We all know sometimes while travelling on a flight there are a lot of sudden incidents involved. If you're flying in harsh winds, the flight might be delayed or even cancelled. Similarly, if there are any safety concerns which needs to be taken care of, the airline either reschedules the date or time of the departure. This unexpected flight delays and rescheduling can be frustrating and time taking, but, GoAir knows how precious their passengers time is, so they have got everyone covered. The carrier offers SMS services which will inform the passengers about everything from flight schedules, status, offers and many more. Here is the complete information you need to know about the SMS service provided by GoAir.


How to use GoAir's SMS services?

Under the offer, GoAir will provide every relevant information to its passengers related to their concerned flight. Passengers have to use different texts to know about their desired query. If the passengers want to check their flight arrival or departure information or if they want to know if their flight is on schedule on that particular date, they can send an SMS to 57333 in the format as given below :

SMS G8 <space> Flight number
Example SMS G8 373

Talking about the flight schedule if the passengers want to know about their concerned flight schedule for a particular date, they have to send an SMS to 57333 in the format as given below :

SMS G8 <space> ORIGIN <space> DESTINATION <space> DATE(in dd/mm format) to 57333
Example SMS G8 Mumbai Delhi 07/09 or G8 BOM DEL O7/09 to 57333


If the passengers don't want to burn their pockets and get the lowest fare of their flights on a particular sector for a specific date they can send an SMS to 57333 in the format as given below :

SMS G8 <space> LF <space> ORIGIN <space> DESTINATION <space> DATE(in dd/mm format)
Example SMS G8 LF Mumbai Goa 07/09 or G8 LF BOM GOI 07/09


Passengers must note that they can enter the city of origin and destination as the "full city name" or they can also use the "airport code". There are many promotional offers that the carrier provides to their passengers. If they want to know about the current promotional offers provided by GoAir they can send an SMS to 57333 in the format as given below :

SMS G8 <space> PROMO to 57333
Example SMS G8 PROMO or G8 Promo to 57333


Lastly, if the passengers want any kind of help and want to know about all the available SMS services they can send an SMS to 57333 in the format as given below :

SMS G8 <space> HELP to 57333
Example SMS G8 HELP or G8 Help to 57333

Passengers must note that The SMS service to 57333 will temporarily not be available on BSNL networks.

SMS Services provided by Phonon.In

GoAir has partnered with Phonon.In to provide SMS services to its passengers. Phonon.in is the world's best communication automation platform and already works with the best players in the industry which includes YesBank, GoAir, HDFC and many more. The company provides flow designer, AI integration, easy API integrations with reports and analytics to gain insights into all the customer interactions.

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