GoAir Student Fare Brings Some Exclusive Benefits For School and College Going Pupils

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GoAir is known for its amazing services for which it charges very less. GoAir has been able to capture a good market share of the domestic market in India. It has worked hard to be one fo the preferred airline’s in the country. If you are travelling with GoAir, flight delays are not something you should worry about. A few days back it was awarded for being the most punctual airline in the whole industry. Much recently, the airline was provided with a new deadline by the DGCA to change its P&W engines on its A320neo aircraft. Also now you can celebrate an occasion in the air as GoAir provides cake cutting in its flights. So if you have a special someone travelling with you or for some reason you couldn’t travel with them, you can simply ask the airline to help you with that regards. GoAir has always tried to stay ahead of the curve by providing some amazing offers to its customers. Its very own mobile application is a hit as well. The airline also provides some of the best packages for touring some of your favourite destinations. GoAir also has some special offers for the students flying with it. Under the GoAir student offer, students can get some good discounts on the base fare of their flights and also some extra baggage.



GoAir Student Offer

GoAir highlights this line on its website - make your student ID your discount voucher. You can simply enter your student id details and the airline will tell you if you are eligible for availing the offer or not. If you are, then you get some feisty offers from the airline. GoAir’s smart deal for the students travelling with it is that they get a discount of 5% on their base fare. Along with that, they also get some extra baggage allowance for up to 25kgs. Some of the other airlines such as Air India and SpiceJet offer student offers as well. GoAir student offer is an initiative from the airline to help reduce the burden of costs that a student has to bear.

GoAir Terms And Conditions You Should Know

For availing the student offer, you will directly have to go and book your air travel from the airline’s website or their application. The 5% discount will only be levied on the base fare of the ticket, additional costs will be charged in full. There will be no reduction in taxes or any other fees that a student is normally liable to pay. No student below the age of 12 is allowed to avail the benefits of this scheme. There is no age limit above that.

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All students must be studying at a board-certified educational institution and must present the ID card of that institution for verification at the airport. You also have to carry your other ID cards that are issued by the government. In case you fail to present either of the ID cards, you won’t be allowed to board the flight. The scheme is not applicable for extended family members, but only for the student. GoAir student discount offer is valid for all domestic flights and can be applied on two-way travel as well. You can cancel your ticket with the standard procedures and standard charges will apply. You are not allowed to transfer the ownership of the ticket to any other student. No web check-in is allowed under this offer. Any student who is not a native Indian is also allowed to book their tickets under this offer. This scheme cannot be clubbed with any other offers from the airline.

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