Passengers Can Celebrate Birthday In-Flight With Cakes from GoAir, Vistara and SpiceJet

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We all know that passengers flying for the first time expect their journey to be hassle-free and memorable. All the major domestic airlines make sure that their passengers get all the exclusive on flight benefits which they dream. The airline provides benefits like baggage allowances, seats with extra legroom for a comfortable journey, In-flight complimentary meals and drinks, refreshing towels, blankets and many more. But some airlines provided one exceptional service to their passengers by providing them cakes for their special occasion at mid-air 36000 ft through which they can celebrate their special moments with their friends and family. The best airline which offers exceptional service in the most comfortable way is GoAir while the other airlines like SpiceJet and Vistara follow the same league. There is a certain process which the passengers have to follow If they want to get a cake booked for their special occasion. Here we’ll cover how passengers can get their cakes booked for their special occasion in the easiest way possible.




Cake Bookings In GoAir

If the passengers are boarding in GoAir, they will be able to Pre-book a delicious eggless chocolate cake which will be delivered in their seat. Once, passengers have boarded in-flight, they must contact the crew on board to get their cakes. Passengers have to pay Rs 750, which will ensure that their cake is pre-booked and they should note that the pre-bookings should be made 72 hours before the departure. Also if the cake is once booked it will not be refunded on cancellation of tickets by the customer for any reason. Passengers will also get Vegetarian eggless dry fruit cake of 500 gms if they wish for it. Also, if the cakes are not available on-board passengers can write to customers feedback and refund will be processed in the same mode of payment.

Cake Bookings in SpiceJet
If the passengers are boarding in SpiceJet, they will not get the cakes as a part of direct services provided by the airline. If they want a cake on-board, they have to pre-book it 48 hours before their concerned flight departure. To pre-book their cakes, passengers must visit SpiceJet’s official website and select 'manage my bookings' option. Once the tab is opened, passengers must fill in all the details asked by the carrier which would include PNR and E-mail details, and after filling all the necessary information, they have to click on retrieve booking. Their order will be placed, and the passengers will be able to enjoy their delicious cake on-board by asking the cabin crew for it.

Cake Bookings in Vistara

If the passengers are boarding in Vistara, the airline will ensure that the sky is full of celebrations, if its their passengers birthday. Vistara will make sure that their passengers won’t miss out any particular moment, especially when they are on-board with the carrier. To book a cake in Vistara passengers can contact the customer service centre to place their order but, passengers must note that they should place their booking 24 hours before the flight’s departure and Vistara will make sure you experience will be elevated on-board.

Cake Bookings in IndiGo

Unfortunately, passengers boarding in IndiGo will not get the option to book a cake for their special occasion. A few weeks back, IndiGo used to provide the Indicake service, but the same has been discontinued for some reasons. Considering the fact that IndiGo is the largest airline in the domestic aviation but sadly passengers won’t be able to enjoy their special moments with a cake on-board

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