GoAir Summer Sale is Offering Zero Rescheduling Fees to Passengers: Check Details

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GoAir is one of the most lovable carriers of Indian Aviation. With a market share of 8.4 %, the airline is widely positioned as the ‘smart peoples airline’ as it offers consistent and best services to its passengers. Recently, the carrier announced direct flights between Doha and Mumbai to strengthen their presence in the Gulf region. Not only this, the airline offers many add-on services to its passengers to give them a comfortable and world-class flying experience. Currently, GoAir is offering Zero Rescheduling fees to passengers in its summer sale offer. Not only this, the fares for domestic and international flight tickets will start from just Rs 955 and Rs 5,490 respectively. GoAir is giving its passengers a tension-free chance to have a fantastic journey with all-inclusive lowest fares. Here are all the details passengers need to know about the summer sale offer by GoAir.


Benefits Under GoAir Summer Sale

GoAir rolls out new offers on a regular basis to give its customers the best flying experience and makes sure that customers get a taste of the carrier’s hospitality. Under the offer, passengers will be able to enjoy the lowest fares on their domestic and international flight bookings. Fares for domestic flights will start from just Rs 955, which will vary from destination to destination. Similarly, fares for international bookings will start from just Rs 5,490, which will also depend upon destinations. One of the significant benefit which will intrigue the customers will be the zero rescheduling fees. Passengers must note that booking period of the offer will be from March 12, 2020, which will be valid till March 14, 2020. Whereas, the travel period will start from April 15, 2020, which will end on June 30, 2020.

Clauses You Need to Know Regarding Rescheduling Fees

GoAir has noted two clauses regarding the rescheduling fees. Firstly, for all the bookings which have been made or will be made before March 31, 2020, passengers will get free rescheduling outside 3 days till April 30, 2020. However, only fare difference and cancellation charges will be applicable. Secondly, all the bookings which have been made or will be made between April 1, 2020, till September 30, 2020, passengers will get free rescheduling till September 30, 2020, outside 14 days. Also, in this case, passengers will have to pay fare difference along with cancellation charges.

Everything You Need to Know about the Summer Sale Offer

GoAir has noted that the summer sale offer will be applicable across all the channels. However, passengers must mark that the offer will be valid on selective fares types and fare products. Black dates will also be applied in the offer which should be adequately checked by customers at the time of booking. If the passengers are travelling with infants or they are opting for a group booking, the offer will not be applicable, and passengers will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the offer. Talking about baggage allowance, GoAir has marked that standard baggage allowance will be provided under the offer. If the passengers board additional luggage, they will be charged as per the standard baggage policy decided by the carrier. Once the passengers have booked their tickets under the offer, the tickets will be non-refundable. Also, the tickets will be subjected to availability. GoAir has strictly marked that they will reserve the right to cancel, alter, modify and substitute the entire offering either partially or fully without giving any prior notice. Also, all the other terms and conditions will be applicable as per citizen charter’s which is displayed in the official website of GoAir. If the passengers want to know more about the summer sale offer, they can visit the official website of GoAir and read more about them.

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