Go First: GoMore Fare Lets You Get the Middle Seat Vacant

With GoMore Fare, keep the seat beside you vacant when you fly with GoFirst Airlines. The facility is available only for the first two rows.

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Go First: Go More Service Lets You Get the Middle Seat Vacant

Sometimes, our seating matters the most while travelling to have a pleasant experience. There may be odd situations where one must have struggled sitting next to someone without basic social etiquette only to call it the worst flight experience.

Back in 2020, Airlines introduced social distancing Add-ons and services to help passengers fly again. In short, quarantine rules have forced the airlines to come up with such services to instil confidence in passengers to fly. Although social distancing rules have helped, this has become a requirement now. Worry not, as Go First has a solution already to avoid such experiences and feel safe.

Go First GoMore Fare:

With Go First GoMore, get the middle seat vacant. Go First offers its customers the opportunity to purchase GoMore fare and get the middle seat vacant. This facility is available only for the first two rows.

How to Avail GoMore Service:

While booking the tickets, a passenger needs to select GoMore Fares and proceed with the booking. After entering the passenger details on the next screen and proceeding further, passengers get an option to select a seat. A passenger will only be able to select those seats which belong to GoMore fare class. The GoMore ticket can be purchased across channels.

Go First GoMore Fare

Note: The first two row seats available under GoMore Fare class are marked in Green.

Things to Know:

  • For the adjacent seat, no additional baggage allowance, meals or any other service will be available.
  • The service is available on a first come first serve basis, and only in case GoMore seats in the first two rows are available.


All terms and conditions as applicable to the Economy class fare will apply to the GoMore fare. Other general terms and conditions apply.

Other Services which Go First Offers: 1. Go First Fare Lock 2. Go First GoNxt 

With Go First Fare Lock Service, Passengers can Secure/Lock their bookings and Pay later. A nominal fee of Rs 200 and Rs 300 per passenger per sector applies on Domestic and International flights, respectively.


If you are someone who prefer comfort over anything, then the GoMore Fare Seats are for you!

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