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GoAir is an airline which has brought many Indians a lot of happiness since it commenced its services. It is considered as one of the best airlines in the country because it completes all the essential demands from the customers - offering cheap services, being on time and providing a hassle-free flying experience. You can very easily get access to most or all of its services through its website or mobile app. Cancelling flights has never been easier. Now with GoAir flight cancelling services, you can cancel or modify your flight to a new date very easily. There is one place we all have dreamt of flying to - Dubai. It is one of the biggest cities in the United Arab Emirates. But it is an expensive affair for most of us. Even with the cheapest packages some of the travel sites offer, it is not worth it. So to ensure that your smile doesn’t fade away, GoAir has launched GoHoliday travel packages for flying to Dubai just for you.



GoHoliday Dubai Travel Most Interesting Packages

Some of the bestselling packages from GoHoliday for Dubai range from cheap to expensive, the cheapest being $200 ranging up to $452. Note that it is only bestselling packages that we are talking about because the most expensive package from the airline will cost you $1,319 and the cheapest package will be available for just $161. The $200 package is one of the best packages because it offers the most for the least. If you happen to pick this deal, all your expenses for hotels, conveyance and food except for lunch will be covered by the airline.

The trip will stretch over 5 days and 4 nights. Highlights of the package are that you will get to experience desert Safari with dinner in barbecue style. With GoHoliday, you will also get to experience the best parts of the city and various famous landmarks in it. In addition to all this, you won’t forget the view that you get to see from the worlds tallest building Burj Khalifa by standing on its 124th floor. If you want to get a little fancy and love playing golf, you can choose from one of its premium packages as well. You will get to stay in one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai and enjoy golfing at the Dubai Marina. It is one of the most Porsche areas of Dubai. The trip will stretch for 6 days and 5 nights. You will also get enough time to explore more of Dubai and also go for fun activities outside the city such as activities which take place in the desert.

GoHoliday Rules You Must Know

In case your stay is scheduled outside of the city, extra charges will be applicable for transfer services. You must be on time with the scheduled private transfers. In case you are late, the driver might not wait for you. If you are travelling with your kids, understand that visas for them will not be approved till the time visas of parents are attached to their application. You must not carry alcohol in the vehicle with you, or else you can be fined AED 50,000. The standard check-in time in Dubai is at 2 pm. Don’t travel to desert safari if you are travelling with elderly people. You will additionally charged tourism fee from the Hotel you are checking-in. Don’t worry, these are standard charges which most of the hotels in Dubai charge.

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