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GoSME For Business Owners Allows Them to Take Care of All Their Travel Plans

GoAir has brought tough competition to every other airline in India, especially IndiGo by providing cheap fares. Currently it is one of the fifth largest airline in India. Currently, GoAir is flying to a number of destinations, 27 domestic destinations and 8 international destination as well. The Wadia group owned airline has been able to make big strides in the aviation industry not because it allows cheap travel only, but also provides a good flying experience as well. It has all the facilities from web check-in to flight cancelling, all with the convenience of your home. GoAir has been making efforts to be innovative from time to time and with that a few weeks back it introduced its new offer for allowing customers to celebrate their special occasions up in the air by cutting a cake mid air only. One more exciting offer that the airline provided was the facility for pre-booking of special meals for your next flight keeping in mind that this is a festive season and in case you have to spend your time flying in the air, at least you can have a special meal. But GoSME is something which makes the airline favourable for a lot of reasons by many people in India.


What Is GoSME?

GoSME is an effort from the airline to help the small and medium scale business owners to save money. GoAir understands that in order to keep their businesses thriving, the small and medium scale business owners have to board flights time and again to attend meetings or cut business deals. But in some cases, the meeting is postponed or cancelled or some other business urgency occurs. This results in a loss for the business owners as they have to cancel their flights or reschedule it very often. Understanding this, GoAir laughed the GoSME program under which it seeks to help the small and medium scale business owners. The airline has removed all the charges for cancelling the flights for business owners who are registered under the program. They don’t even have to pay for meals inside the flight. In addition to this, people under the program don’t even have to pay any convenience fee. The seat selection charges will be waived as well.

How Do You Register For GoSME?

To register for GoSME you have to go to the airline’s website and find the GoSME link and click on it. Then you can either send an e-mail to or you can also click on the ‘click me’ button and then you will be directed to another window where you can fill all the details required for you to register for the program. There are certain terms and conditions to this as well. An eligible business partner is allowed to use and avail the discounted fares offered by the airline only on domestic routes for its registered employees only. You have to provide complete details about your business and fill all the mandatory fields mentioned in the page of GoSME. Bookings that you seek for under the program are purely subjective to the availability of seats. Also, once you are registered, you will be notified with all the necessary details in an e-mail from the airline. In addition to this, GoAir has the right to withdraw any and all of the perks under the program at any time without any prior notice. Also, GoAir has the right to change or modify any of the rules.

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