Hotel Industry in Mumbai Witness 10% Daily Occupancy Post Lockdown Period

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The outbreak of Covid-19 has disrupted every industry around the globe. All the countries, including India, announced lockdown period to stop the spread of the deadly virus. Hotel Industry was one of the most affected industries as the lockdown period affected their business drastically. Also, as aviation and railway operations were terminated, hotels were running in huge losses due to lack of new tourist as well as corporate customers. However, the government of India finally lifted some restrictions and allowed hotels to operate with all the safety and precautionary measures. Yet the hotels were open, the fear of the deadly virus resulted in low occupancies in the hotel industry especially in Mumbai.

Hotels in Mumbai Recorded 10% Daily Occupancy

As soon as the government lifted restrictions, some of the hotel owners in Mumbai started operations to survive in the market and pay salaries to their employees. However, most of the hotels were closed as the government prescribed strict rules and guidelines which the hotel owners had to follow. As the operations started, Hotels in Mumbai witnessed 10% daily occupancy in the past two weeks. However, experts mark that 50% daily occupancy is essential in the hotel industry to ensure growth and survival in the market. It is also expected that the hospitality sector will face hassle for the next three months.

Mumbai Government Imposed Strict Guidelines for Hotels

Though the state government lifted the restrictions for the hospitality industry, it issued strict rules and regulations to ensure that the virus does not spread. The state government asked all the hotel owners to shut down amenities like swimming pool, playing areas, gyms and gaming arcades for all the guests. Also, the government prohibited the public gathering of more than 15 people.

Business Travellers Will be Hesitant in Travelling to Mumbai

Mumbai has become the epicentre of Covid-19 in India. The state has recorded the highest number of cases in India, and the situation is becoming stressful. Jaideep Dang Managing Director of Hotels and Hospitality Group, JLL India stated that business travellers would be hesitant in travelling to Mumbai for work purpose and they will mostly avoid it until it is essential for work. This will drastically impact the Hotel industry operating in Mumbai for the next three months.

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