Hotel Sahara Star To Keep Customers Safe With New Hygiene Standards

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Right now, your biggest concern while stepping out of your home would be being infected from the coronavirus. At a time when social distancing is being prioritised, staying at a hotel can feel like a nightmare. A commercial building such as a hotel can be accessed by thousands of people in a single day. You never know who can be infected and might infect you as well. That is why new hygiene standards are really important. Hotel Sahara Star has come up with its own initiative to keep the customers safe and happy.


New Initiative From Hotel Sahara Star

Hotel Sahara Star is one of the finest 5-star hotels in Mumbai, India. Just like other hotels in the country, it has suffered a lot of losses over the lockdown period. Now the hotel is preparing to restart its operations. Maharashtra is working on opening the state up to various levels of operations. This can mean the hospitality sector might be in operation soon. But it isn’t going to be that easy for the hospitality sector and especially the hotel industry.

An extensive plan will be required by the hotel industry to resume services. Keeping this in mind, Hotel Sahara Star has come up with its own initiative — ‘You Are Our Only Concern’. The initiative is focused on keeping the customers health on priority. It is not like Hotel Sahara Star wasn’t focused on doing that earlier. But now the hotel is more focused on creating new norms of procedure and hygiene standards.

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New Hygiene Standards

The entire hotel has undergone rigorous cleaning to ensure that no trace of germ can be found. Management of the hotel decided to use sanitisation machines which are industry approved only. Another thing that the Hotel Sahara Star has done is that they have installed alcohol-based sanitisers throughout the hotel building for customers. With that, in all the public areas of the hotel, thermal guns are availed to check the temperature of the guests.

The complete hotel staff will be provided with safety gears such as masks, gloves, and personal protection suits. The staff will be thoroughly trained in social distancing norms. Along with this, every hotel room will be cleaned once between 24 to 48 hours.

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Phase Wise Operations

Hotel Sahara Star has planned to resume its operations in a phased manner. So there were will be three phases in total. These phases will help the hotel in reducing costs as well as maintain the hygiene standards. So in Phase 1, only limited number of rooms will be availed to the customers. With this, the dining services will be provided in rooms only. Gym, pool, banquets, and business centres will be operational as per government notifications only.

Then in phase 2 of the hotel’s operations, more rooms will be made available for booking. One big change that will be introduced in this phase will be to resume a speciality restaurant. In the last and final phase, all the hotel services and facilities are planned to be opened at full capacity. Competition of each phase will be marked as a milestone by the hotel.

CEO of Hotel Sahara Star, Manish Sodhi said, “There are many lessons that this lockdown has taught us, firstly it has taught us to be prepared and also brace ourselves for the worst possible outcome at times. Secondly, it has taught us to be brave and keep calm to overcome the problems as there is always a silver lining to each cloud.”

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