How Are Airlines And Hotels Treating Your Status As a Member?

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Every major airline and hotel business has some loyalty program going on wherein the customers under the program are given exclusive perks and benefits. It takes a lot to be in these programs, though. You have to continually travel and spend money, plan trips to maintain your status in the high tiers of these loyalty programs. What happens now, though, when the travel and tourism industry is at a standstill. No airline or hotel bookings are happening. How are airlines and hotels treating your status as a member during this time?


Airlines Are Extending The Loyalty Memberships

Some of the major airlines of the world such as American Airlines, Delta and United are extending the membership of their customers up till the first quarter of 2022. This is going to bring a whole extra year of benefits and perks. At the same time, some of these airlines have also lowered their criteria for earning mileage points to enter top tier memberships. The same is with Qatar Airways as well. Flyers of the airline will get a whole extra year of benefits and perks under the loyalty program. For the Emirates flyers, their membership will be extended up till December this year if it is bound to end on September.

Hotels Are In The Leagues of Airlines To Extend Memberships

Hotels are not getting any bookings as well because of the restricted travel. That is why hotels have also decided that they are going to extend the loyalty membership of their customers by one more year. But then there is Hilton Honors; it extended the membership and perks of its customers until March 2022. Hyatt and Marriott are also extending the memberships of their customers by one year and protecting their status, which they have built over the years.

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