How to Join Vistara Cabin Crew and Become Air Hostess

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Being a part of the cabin crew for any airline is hard work. It may look easy on the other side, but you need to be on your feet every second of the job and sometimes cater to very rude people. But it pays as well. It is a good way to enhance your personality and come out of your comfort zone. The only thing is, not everyone can be an air hostess or become part of the cabin crew. One of the perks of being an air hostess is that you get to travel a lot. Vistara, which is the sole full-service carrier of India might take you in their team. To be a part of Vistara cabin crew or become an air hostess for the airline would be a great thing for anyone looking to build a career in the aviation industry. Take a look at everything that you must know before you think of joining Vistara Cabin Crew.


Vistara Cabin Crew Joining Requirements

Vistara has a list of requirements that you need to fulfil before you can be selected by the airline. First, let’s take a look at the normal requirements which everyone needs to fulfil for becoming a part of Vitara Cabin Crew. First of all, you need to be an Indian citizen and must have a valid passport. Your communication skills should be very good. You should know at least two languages — Hindi and English.

The minimum height required for a female is 155 cm and for males 170 cm. Anyone shorter than this won’t be accepted. You should be educated as well. The applicant must be class 12th pass with 60% score at least. One thing that shouldn’t be on your body is Tattoo or its marks. You will be straight out rejected if you do and it is visible. BMI range for a female is between 18-22 and for a male is 18-25.

Eligibility in Terms of Experience

If you are fresher, meaning you have zero experience, you can still become a part of Vistara cabin crew. All that you have to do is meet the above-mentioned eligibility requirements. With that, your minimum age should be 18 years and maximum age should 32. But if you are applying as an experienced cabin crew member, then you must have an experience of 2 years with a domestic or international airline. Your minimum age should be 20 years and you must have a valid SEP license.

In case you want to take on more of a challenging role of a cabin crew in-charge, then you must have an experience of at least 4 years working with a domestic or international airline. Again, a valid SEP license is required. Along with that, you need a minimum experience of 2 years working as SCC. Your SEP/Competency card should reflect your experience as SCC with any domestic or international airline.


Once you meet all the requirements, you can think about applying for the Vistara cabin crew or air hostess job. Interviews are directly conducted by the airline in person. To find out the latest upcoming interview date, you need to go check out Vistara’s website. The website will detail everything from date, city, and venue of the interview. You can also get the pre-registration link from the website. However, sometimes there might not be any vacancy in the airline, so you might not get any information on the website about the interview. So just keep checking the website of Vistara till the time you get your lucky break.

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