Hyderabad Airport Now Providing E-Boarding Facility to Passengers

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Hyderabad Airport has become the first airport in the country to allow international flight passengers to e-board themselves. Not only this, but the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport also holds the title for being the first in the country to allow domestic flight passengers e-board themselves. As of now, only IndiGo international passengers have the luxury to benefit from e-boarding facility present at the Hyderabad airport. But other airlines have also started to work with the airport for integrating the e-boarding technology with their system to allow passengers a seamless flight experience. More on the story ahead.


IndiGo Becomes the first Airline in the Country to Facilitate E-Boarding

E-boarding or paperless boarding for international passengers started with an IndiGo flight departing for Sharjah from Hyderabad on October 2, 2020.

Pradeep Panicker, CEO, GHIAL, said, “Leveraging tech-enabled solutions to continuously elevate passenger experience is our key focus area. In line with this, we are delighted to announce that after about five years of successfully operating e-boarding for domestic flights, we have launched the E-boarding solution for international operations as well – another first for any Indian airport.”

This is a great feat for the Hyderabad airport and it would not be a surprise if other airports also started following the same in the near future. One of the great things about the e-boarding system is that it can function fully backwards as well. What that means is that even when it is there, the passenger will have the flexibility to go with a paper boarding pass.

One of the key benefits of the e-boarding system would be that it will make social distancing possible as well as the boarding process faster. Passengers no longer would have to stand in queues at the airport for the same amount of time as they do now. E-boarding will also make the boarding process a little more secure.

Real-time data of the Hyderabad airport passenger checkpoints show that the airport’s operational efficiency increased with the addition of e-boarding facility.

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