ICPA Writes to Civil Aviation Ministry, Asks to Restore Air India Pilots’ Remuneration

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In the most recent development of events, Air India pilot’s union has issued a written request to the Civil Aviation Ministry for the reversal of the pay-cuts that were imposed on AIR India pilots during the pandemic period. The issue has been a long-standing problem for the Air India pilots and this marks the first time they have filed a written request.

Aviation Industry Returning to Normal

As per the reports from Mirror Now, the Indian Commercial Pilots’ Association or the ICPA have written to the Civil Aviation Minister, Jyotiraditya Singh that as the covid scenario in the country is on a decline and the aviation industry has been returning to normal, the association seeks the intervention from the ministry to restore the salaries and roll back the unjust pay-cuts rendered to the pilots since the beginning of the pandemic.

The scenario has been a long-stated issue for the Air India pilots and it's high time that they received proper remuneration as the aviation industry in the country has been coming back to normal. Moreover, all the other airlines in the country have already restored the pay-cuts imposed on their employees and have restored the pre-covid salaries.

What makes it more unjust for the Air India pilots is the fact around 60% of their salaries were slacked in the light of the pandemic. Despite this fact, the pilots continued to work with the airline without any complaints and let the operations go on smoothly. So now as the aviation industry seems to be at the stage where they were pre-covid with passengers traffic increasing continuously, it's about time that AIR India pilots received a just pay as well.

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