Indian Airlines Can Fly Up to 60% of Pre-COVID Domestic Flights Till February 24

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The Indian government had earlier issued an order stating that the airlines could operate up to 60% of the pre-COVID domestic flights. But there was a question as to until when will the airlines operate up to 60% of their pre-COVID domestic flights. As per a PTI report, the Civil Aviation Ministry has cleared through an order issued on October 29, 2020, that this system of flying will remain in place until February 24, 2021. More details on the story ahead.


Indian Airlines Will Operate 60% of Pre-COVID Domestic Flights Until Next Year

A new order which was issued by the Civil Aviation Ministry on October 29, 2020, stated that the order released by the ministry on September 2, “shall remain in force until 2359 hrs on February 24, 2021, or until further orders.” The reason cited by the ministry behind this order is because of the COVID-19 situation India is in.

On May 25, 2020, the Indian government had resumed domestic airline operations in the country after a long pause of two months. Initially, the airlines were only allowed to operate up to 33% of their pre-COVID domestic flights.

But a month later, on June 26, 2020, the government had said that airlines can fly up to 45% of their pre-COVID domestic flights. It was later increased to 60% through a new order issued on September 2, 2020. Now, the 60% cap will stay in place until February 24, 2021, next year.

But if the government wishes, it can modify the order and allow airlines to increase the number of flights in the winter. Demand for domestic flights is increasing and so is the number of footfalls in across airports in India. As for the winter schedule, Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has allowed 12,983 weekly flights to the airlines.

As for international flights, they remain out of service since March 23 now. The airlines however are allowed to operate special international flights under bilateral air bubble agreements and Vande Bharat Mission.

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