Indian Airports Witness Rise in Demand of Immunity Increasing Beverages

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Due to global pandemic, everyone is scared about their health. But people who have a good immunity system, they are worried a little less than the others. Immunity system is very important to fight off the virus or bacteria which is making you sick. Indian airports recognise this and are providing the passengers with beverages which boost the immunity of passengers. It is interesting to see that haldi doodh, tulsi mint shikanji, and amla aam panna have made their debut at the airports. It is not something surprising though, desperate times call for desperate measures.

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Indian Airports Replace Buffet Meals

You won’t see buffet meals in Indian airports for quite some time now. They are not the best thing when people are worried about their health because of the virus. So every domestic airport operating at the moment is only serving take away boxes. Along with that, you can’t carry them to your flight. Anything and everything that you can and want to eat, do it at the airport only. In-flight meals have been stopped. Even after this, largely the flyers are sticking with their home-cooked food. It makes sense though, you don’t want to take the risk of eating from an outside place, even when it is a very safe airport.

Vitamin C and Curcumin drinks are being served at the airport at the moment. They are nowhere in regards to competition with coffee and tea, but they are certainly needed at this time. Gaurav Dewan, CEO of Travel Food Services (TFS) who runs more than 300 outlets across various metro city airports said, “Haldi Doodh is the third-largest selling beverage at Delhi airport and so is Tulsi-Mint Shikanji at Kolkata airport. Predictably, Rasam is popular at Chennai airport. Immunity boosters have been doing so well, we’ve been thinking of bottling and marketing it.”

He further added that it is a light meal and very healthy and fermented and accounts for 15%-20% of their total sales in a day now. This is not a bad number. It will be interesting to see how this thing fares off once the COVID-19 threat is gone.

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