Indian Aviation Sector Absolutely Safe, No Need to Panic: DGCA

India's civil aviation space is 'absolutely safe' and all the protocols laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) are followed, DGCA chief, Arun Kumar said.

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In light of the recent technical snags and incidents faced by Indian domestic carriers, DGCA has assured that India's Civil Aviation Space is absolutely safe, and there is no reason to panic.

As reported by PTI, DGCA chief Arun Kumar said technical snags faced by domestic carriers in recent weeks did not have the potential to cause havoc and that even foreign airlines that came to India reported 15 technical snags in the last 16 days.

The country’s civil aviation space was “absolutely safe” and all protocols laid down by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) were followed, he said.

Against the backdrop of technical snags suffered by Indian airlines in recent weeks and the DGCA curtailing operations of SpiceJet to 50% capacity, Arun Kumar stressed there was no need to panic as none of the events that had been reported/discussed had the potential to cause havoc.

“All snags experienced are routine and happen with all airlines and all types of fleet,” Arun Kumar said.

In response to an increase in technical difficulties, the regulator launched a two-month special assessment of airlines to identify any potential problems.

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