IndiGo is Offering 25% Discount For Doctors and Nurses

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Doctors and nurses have played a vital role in helping the world and India to keep safe and healthy during the COVID19 pandemic. That is why it is only reasonable that they are rewarded for their efforts. IndiGo, the premier airline of India has decided to help the doctors and nurses. It has come out with an offer which will help the doctors and nurses to obtain a 25% discount on their base fare. This offer is exclusive for the nurses and doctors as they are the ones who have been standing at the front to help people.


IndiGo Named the Scheme ‘Tough Cookie’

IndiGo has named this scheme ‘Tough Cookie’. This offer can be availed by booking through IndiGo’s website or mobile app. The validity of the offer is from July 1, 2020, up till December 31, 2020. To ensure that no one cheats the airline into using this offer and availing discounts, IndiGo has set some rules. All the doctors and nurses should keep their hospital IDs at the time of travel. During check-in, they may be required to present the same.

The operation ‘Tough Cookie’ is a very personal one for IndiGo and it will keep on tracking the scheme’s journey. Right at the time of check-in, a complimentary cookie tin will be offered by IndiGo. Then at the boarding gate, a welcome announcement will be made. All the PPE will come with a special ‘Tough Cookie’ sticker. Then a further in-flight announcement will be made to welcome the doctors and nurses on-board.

This scheme and effort from IndiGo is certainly going to help the doctors and nurses. Even though it may not be a very huge financial discount, it will make them feel special. This will further motivate the doctors and nurses to do their best in saving lives.

The domestic aviation industry is looking at a loss of $3 billion to $3.6 billion in the June quarter. At present, the airlines are allowed to operate on 45% of their total domestic route.

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