IndiGo Achieves 80% of Pre-COVID Capacity, Predicts 2022 Will be Profitable

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IndiGo has been able to recover much faster than any other airline in India. In fact, compared to major international airlines, IndiGo has posted a faster recovery in revenues, and its market share still stands strong in India. As per a report from Reuters, the airline has reached 80% of its pre-COVID capacity. IndiGo is now recognised as the biggest airline out of China and the United States and the seventh-largest when compared globally. The airline has been a ray of hope for aircraft makers and the global aviation industry. It has promptly completed its payments and never defaulted on them ever — more details on the story ahead.

IndiGo Might Reach 100% of Pre-COVID Capacity By The End of 2021

Ronojoy Dutta, CEO of InterGlobe Aviation Limited which operates IndiGo said that the airline might reach 100% of its pre-COVID capacity by the end of 2021. Dutta further said that the airline might even see profits on the books in 2022 as growth factors increase and industry stabilises.

It is worth noting that Indian airlines can only fly up to 80% of their pre-COVID domestic flights. None of the airlines had reached the mark yet, but now IndiGo has. It will be interesting to see if the government increases the maximum percentage of flights allowed any time soon.

IndiGo wants to operate at full capacity as soon as the government lifts the restrictions. The airline will increase its utilisation rate to 12 hours per day against the current 10 hours. This would allow IndiGo to fill more seats and reduce per-unit costs resulting in more profits.

The airline’s international growth is something many will watch out for. Before the pandemic, the low-cost carrier used 25% of its fleet for international operations. But COVID-19 slowed down everything for the airline and the aviation industry. The government still hasn’t lifted the ban from international flights, which will take more time as per industry experts. As per an official from the airline, IndiGo has plans to expand its international network throughout sub-continent.

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