IndiGo Airtel Payments Bank Offer: All You Need To Know 

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IndiGo is by far the best airline in India in terms of smooth operation and customer satisfaction. Many people around the world love the air carrier for apparent reasons. The airline has a market share of 47.9% as of today and is operating in 87 destinations out of which 24 destinations are international airports. The airline is also mentioned in the list top 5 safest airlines in the whole world. If you think IndiGo is only a commercial airline, it will be interesting for you to know that it is also India’s largest domestic cargo airline. IndiGo operates its cargo operations under the name IndiGo CarGo. You can ship valuable items and products with this segment of the airline. Much recently, IndiGo also launched their new offer – Flexi Plus Fares. It brings you some of the most exciting offers from the airline if you are looking to book a ticket. The IndiGo Airtel Payments Bank offer is yet again another offer from the airline that you should know about. indigo-airtel-payments-bank-offer-need-to

What is IndiGo Airtel Payments Bank Offer? 

As the name suggests, it is an offer from the airline which comprises the use of Airtel Payments Bank. When you pay using the Airtel Money or Airtel Payments Bank, you can entail yourself a 10% cash-back on your transaction and get up to a maximum of Rs 200 credited back to your wallet. The offer was rolled out by the airline quite a while back and is valid up to December 31, 2020. The offer is only applicable once per user during the promotion period. Any further attempt to avail the offer by the same savings account as used before won’t be eligible to receive the cash-back. Cash-back received will be credited into the customer’s bank account under 72 hours from the time of transaction. What you should remember is that IndiGo is not responsible and liable for the damages directly or indirectly suffered by the customer participating in the cash-back offer. All the complaints, disputes and claims shall be made by the Airtel Payments Bank.

What You Must Know About The Offer 

The IndiGo Airtel Payments Bank offer has some conditions that must be met to avail it. The offer is only made to the customers booking IndiGo flights from January 3, 2019, to December 31, 2020. The offer comes from the Airtel Payments Bank and will only be applicable if you are directly booking from IndiGo’s website using Airtel Payments Bank or Airtel Money Wallet. For being eligible for the cash-back, the minimum transaction threshold should cross Rs 1,500, and for that, the bank shall pay the customer a cash-back up to Rs 200 or 10% of the total transaction. For customers trying to avail the benefits of the offer using Mastercard won’t be eligible for the same. While availing the offer, the customer can’t club it with any other ongoing promotion or offer. The offer is availed solely on the “best-effort” basis. It is worthy to note that the offer can be terminated or modified at any given time by the bank of IndiGo without any prior notice and reasons. Any booking made under this offer is subject to the bank’s terms and conditions as well as IndiGo’s carriage conditions available on the website of the airline. The offer can’t be applied to the group bookings of the airline. In addition to this, no corporate booking or agent’s booking is eligible to avail this offer. Only Indian citizens who are aged 18 and above are eligible to book their travel using this offer. The bank has the right to removing/disqualifying any customer from the offer if the customer is a suspect in suspicious activities. The offer availed by the bank is governed under the laws of India.

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