IndiGo Baggage Allowance: Must Know Policies

By January 10th, 2019 AT 11:51 AM

IndiGo has made the check-in process fairly easier for its passengers with their new web check-in feature that lets clients check-in online without having to stand in long queues to procure their boarding pass. The next step, however, is an important one and one needs to follow it precisely so as to ensure that the flight is boarded smoothly. Here’s everything that you need to know about the Baggage Allowance Policy of IndiGo.

IndiGo Baggage Allowance

IndiGo Baggage Allowance: What is it?

Baggage Allowance is usually the amount of checked baggage or hand/carry-on luggage that the company would allow per passenger.

IndiGo’s Baggage Allowance Policies

  • Indigo Checked-Baggage Allowance

The free checked baggage limit offered by IndiGo Airlines is kept at 15 kg for all domestic flights. For international flights to Bangkok, Kathmandu, and Singapore, this limit is of 20 kg whereas, for other international flights to Dubai and Muscat, this limit is decided to be 30 kg. In addition to that, the dimensions(L+W+H) of a single piece of baggage is not allowed to exceed 158 cm or 62 inches. The maximum weight that IndiGo allows for one checked baggage is 32 kg.

  • Indigo Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Each flyer traveling through IndiGo Airlines is permitted to carry with him/her one bag and one personal item like a handbag, a laptop bag, a briefcase, etc. As per the policy of the airline, the carry-on luggage must fit into the overhead bin or under the seat n front of the flyer. All carry-on luggage must not exceed 7 kg in weight and its dimensions should not exceed 115 cm. The flyer should not require any assistance in lifting the carry-on bag and putting it in the overhead bin for the course of the journey.

Indigo Excess Baggage Fees

In any case that the baggage exceeds the weight permitted for free allowance, the flyer is charged with a flat rate of ₹250 per kg regardless of the type of baggage it is, carry-on or checked. However, for international flights, the same is fixed at ₹525 per kg of excess baggage. In addition to the flat rate, the passenger is charged with a fee of ₹500 if the baggage exceeds by 5 kg and ₹1500 if the baggage exceeds by 10 kg.

Sports Equipment or Musical Instruments

Any kind of sports equipment like skis, golf bags, bicycles, surfboards or musical instruments would be admitted at a fee of ₹1000 per piece. Any item that weighs more than 12 kg would be taken as excess baggage.

Pet Policy at IndiGo

IndiGo does not consent to the carriage of pets or any kind of animals on its flights, however, guide dogs for the blind are excused from this rule. In case of a guide dog, the flyer is required to contact the airlines at 1800 180 383 prior to the flight. It is to be noted that the guide dog must be properly, trained, muzzled and restrained and would not be given a seat for the duration of the flight. The passenger should bring a moisture-absorbent mat to keep under the dog along with him.

What to Remember

  • Due to security norms, passengers are not allowed to bring any carry-on baggage to flights originating from Jammu and Sri Nagar Airports.
  • Bulkhead seats do not have any under-seat storage during take-off and landing.
  • IndiGo does not transfer baggage to other airlines.
  • Assistive devices or outer clothes do not count as personal items.

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