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India’s premier airline, IndiGo is back in the game. Commercial flights were not operational for two months since March. That has put a dent in the financials of many airlines, including IndiGo. The airline’s Q4 earnings report is coming out soon and heavy losses are expected naturally. But amidst the storm, IndiGo hasn’t lost its vision. The airline has introduced its all-new charter services. IndiGo charter services come at a time of the global pandemic, this might confuse a lot of people out there. But the thing is, it is a calculated move from the airline. How? Let’s see.


IndiGo Charter Services

If comfort is your priority and you like flying at convenience, then you should book charter planes. With the IndiGo charter services, you can fly at a time of your convenience. The charter planes aren’t just for private individuals who want to fly from one place to another. IndiGo is also offering freighter services with its charter planes. So if you have cargo you want to fly from one place to other, just take one of the IndiGo charter planes. You can go to the airline’s website, search for the charter services and fill out the form. Travel agents can also book it for their clients and there is a separate form section for them. Once you submit your form, the airline will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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IndiGo Rules for Safe Flying

Flying safe is the biggest thing for people now. Charter services come at the right time from IndiGo. Now people, organisations, and companies who have money and can charter planes for their employees for business will prefer it over regular flights. This is to ensure that they are completely safe and do not come into contact with anyone else. With this, if you are travelling with IndiGo in near future, ensure that you are well versed with the rules of the airline. You have to mandatorily do a web check-in, come with baggage tags and there are more rules.

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