IndiGo Durga Puja Offer to Bring Customers Special Meals

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IndiGo is bringing customers special meals this festive season. India’s number one airline, IndiGo, a few months back had decided that it will not provide customers with any sort of meals inside the aircraft on a temporary basis. But then the passengers were later allowed to pre-book their meals from the website of the airline or its mobile app. Now IndiGo is offering customers special meals during the festive season of Durga Puja. But this offer is only exclusive for a few customers and select flights. More on the story ahead.


IndiGo Durga Puja Offer is For Select Customers From Kolkata

IndiGo has announced a special offer for this festive season of Durga Puja. Under the offer, customers travelling from Kolkata will only get special meals on their flights. But flights from Kolkata to Dhaka are not going to get this offer.

Another thing worth noting is that this offer is only applicable on flights between the dates October 21 and October 27, 2020. IndiGo is providing customers with two special meals under this offer. The two meals are ‘Dal Cholar’ and ‘Kheema Ghungi’. The former one is a vegetarian dish and the other one is a non-vegetarian dish.

There is no price difference between the two meals on offer. ‘Dal Cholar’ is available for Rs 400 and ‘Kheema Ghungi’ is available for Rs 400 as well. To avail the Durga Puja offer, customers need to book their flights directly from the website of the airline or the mobile app. Third-party websites and apps won’t get this offer.

Much recently, IndiGo also flew 13.6 tonnes of cargo which included vegetables and express courier to Dubai. The cargo flight travelled from Ahmedabad to Dubai in a matter of 75 minutes. IndiGo has been operating its cargo operations at a good capacity for a few weeks now.

The airline operated two charter planes from Kualalumpur back in September. The first charter flew to Delhi and it carried 17.3 tonnes of cargo. The second charter flew to Chennai and it carried 17.6 tonnes of cargo.

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