IndiGo Flex Pay is Here, All You Should Know About the Offer

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IndiGo is the number one airline in India in terms of revenues and market share. It is has seen tremendous growth over the last few years. One of the reasons why it was able to capture a huge chunk of the Indian market was its innovative offers and services. Continuing the trend, IndiGo is back with another great offer - Flex Play. The IndiGo Flex Pay is an offer which is aimed at helping people book their tickets with peace in their mind during these uncertain times. Because of the global pandemic, things for the aviation industry have not been good for the last few months. Every airline has had to face a lot of loss. Now after the lockdown has been relaxed and airlines have resumed, people are scared to book their flight tickets. The IndiGo Flex Pay offer is released just for those people.


IndiGo Flex Pay Offer

IndiGo Flex Pay offer is for customers who are looking to book their flights during these uncertain times. The offer is going to allow people to defer paying 90% of the amount for the flight they are booking. Reasons, why people are scared to book a new flight, are that they can contract coronavirus from others and that their flights may get cancelled. In both scenarios, customers will be losing out on their money. And everyone knows that flights aren’t cheap.

So, essentially if you are booking a flight with IndiGo today, you can book it just by paying 10% of the amount of your flight. You can defer 90% of the payment and pay it at a later stage. However the ‘defer period’ is only for 15 days. So you will have to make the complete payment within 15 days of your booking.

In case you decide to cancel the ticket, then you have the option to do that as well. However, you will not be refunded the 10% amount that you paid when you cancel your flight. Customers won’t be able to use their reward points to pay for the 10% amount they need to under the IndiGo Flex Pay offer.

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