IndiGo Flight Cancellation and Changes: How To Do It?

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IndiGo is the biggest airline in India currently in terms of market capture. The airline has very smartly made its way up amongst some of the oldest and biggest airlines such as Air India. IndiGo is considered to be one of the cheapest airlines in the country. Most of the people prefer travelling with IndiGo because of their commitment towards their customers. The airline has been making a lot of advancements in the way they have been providing services over the years so that they can enhance the customer experience. Recently IndiGo came into news because of speculations that Qatar Airways will buy a stake into InterGlobe Aviation Ltd which of course own IndiGo. But all the excitement was soon washed away when Qatar Airways said that it is not looking to put money into IndiGo right now. It won’t be a very huge blow to IndiGo since the airline is still making enough profits to thrive in the aviation industry. IndiGo, in a not so long ago press release said that it promises to cover its customers inconvenience caused by the airline for any delays in travel or loss of baggage for only Rs 49. This has certainly driven up the number of people flying with the air carrier. But the more the people are booking their flights from IndiGo, the more are cancelling as well. Flight cancellation can put a whole in your pocket from some airlines. So what happens when you cancel your flight with IndiGo?


What is IndiGo Flight Cancellation?

It is what the name suggests. You have the luxury of cancelling your flights. But it is not so much of a luxury when you see the amount of money that will be refunded to you. How do you avail IndiGo flight cancellation? Simply by going to the IndiGo’s website or its mobile application. Just check for your recent bookings and you will find an option - view/change bookings, tap/click on it. One of the many features inside this page will be to cancel your flight. If this is too much work for you, then you can simply call the IndiGo’s call centre or helpline number and ask them to cancel your flight for you.

Then you will be asked whether you want the refund into your source account which is the account you used to pay for your booking. If not, you can provide the airline with another option and the money will be refunded to you. But sometimes, flight cancellation does not happen from your end, but the airline's. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the airline has to cancel the flight on their own. Since that is not your fault, you will be provided with a full refund. The thing to note here is, when you cancel your flight on your own, you won’t get a full refund. Sometimes, you might not want to cancel your flight and just want to change the date of your travel. Then you can just choose the change dates option of the airline. Here too you will be charged.

What Are The Charges? 

Both flight cancellation and shifting it to another date will cost you good. But the charges are different under different circumstances. If you flying in a domestic flight and you go for flight cancellation within 3 days from the date of your scheduled flight, then you will be charged Rs 3,500 from the airline. The rest of the amount along with taxes will be refunded to you. But when you choose to cancel it before 4 days from your flight, you will be charged Rs 3,000. When you are looking to change the flight dates, for changing it within 3 days from the date fo your flight, you will have to pay a total of Rs 3,000. But when you change your flight before 4 days, you will be charged Rs 2,500 only.

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