IndiGo Non-Stop Flights from Kannur to Popular Destinations Across India

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India’s number one low-cost airline, IndiGo keeps on adding new flights for the passengers. The airline has recently mentioned on Twitter about the non-stop flights from Kannur to popular destinations across India. IndiGo non-stop flights from Kannur will allow you to reach different locations in a shorter time and increase the convenience of travelling. Some of the major destinations of India can be reached from Kannur via IndiGo non-stop flights for less than Rs 4,000. More details on the story ahead.



IndiGo Non-Stop Flights from Kannur

IndiGo mentioned 7 popular Indian destinations which can be reached from Kannur via non-stop flights. These destinations include - Bengaluru, Kochi, Goa, Hubli, Hyderabad, Chennai, and Thiruvananthapuram.

Kannur to Bengaluru non-stop IndiGo flights starting fare is set at Rs 2,056. Kannur to Kochi starting fare is set at Rs 1,684. For Kannur to Goa, the starting fare is set at Rs 2,535. Then Kannur to Hubli flights starting fare is set at Rs 2,417.

Coming to the other destinations, Kannur to Hyderabad starting fare is set at Rs 3,823. Lastly, for Kannur to Chennai and Kannur to Thiruvananthapuram IndiGo flights starting fare is set at Rs 3,025 and Rs 2,258 respectively.

Every Passenger Must Know This

Every IndiGo passenger must follow the rules and regulations set by the airline. Every passenger should wear a mask at all times, be it when boarding a plane, inside the plane, or at the airport. Then, social distancing must be maintained strictly by everyone. All the hygiene standards should be followed by the passenger, ensuring a safe and healthy journey for everyone.

Also, IndiGo has opened its airport counters. Passengers who don’t want to go for web check-in can go for airport check-in at the airline counters. For the service, however, the passenger will have to pay Rs 100 as a fee. However, IndiGo still encourages its passengers to go for web check-in instead of airport check-in so that touchpoints inside the airport can be minimised.

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