IndiGo Offers Attractive Fares to Student Flyers Under This Special Offering

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IndiGo is the largest carrier in domestic aviation. With a market share of 47.4 %, the airline is the leading low-cost carrier in India and offers a lot of additional benefits to its passengers to give them a world-class flying experience. The airline offers low fares to its passengers and always ensure that take off their flights on time. Not only this, IndiGo delivers a hassle-free travel experience and is has become synonym with being on-time. If you’re a student and planning your trip with IndiGo, the carriers offer attractive discounts to their student flyers which gives them a taste of the carrier’s hospitality. Here we’ll cover all the details regarding IndiGo Student Discount and the benefits offered by the airline.


Benefits Under IndiGo Student Discount

IndiGo being the largest carrier of Indian aviation, ensures that every segment of their customers enjoys the exclusive benefits to give them a comfortable journey. Whether you’re an active army officer. women flyer or a student, IndiGo has something to offer to everyone boarding their flight. Under the Student Discount offer, IndiGo will also Discount on base fares and baggage allowance to student flyers. If the customers are opting for the offer, they will get 6 % off on base fare, and extra 10 kgs baggage allowance will be given to passengers for an optimum space so they can enjoy their long trip. To avail the offer, customers must note that they must make the bookings in advance to enjoy the benefits under the offer. IndiGo has marked that the bookings must be made at least 7 days before the journey so that they can avail the discount and baggage allowance mentioned in the offer. However, there are other important things that passengers must know about Student Discount offered by IndiGo. We’ve covered all the related terms and conditions below.

Things You Must Know About IndiGo Student Discount

IndiGo has noted that If the passengers are opting for IndiGo Student Discount, they must carry a valid student ID to avail the offer. If the customers fail to show the Student ID, they will not be able to enjoy the benefits of the offer, and the carrier will charge standard rates for baggage allowance. IndiGo has also marked that the passengers must be above 12 years of age to be eligible for the offer. If the passengers are planning for web check-in, they won’t be able to it under the student discount offer. Also, all the fares paid by the customer will be applicable to the discounted value of the booking.

IndiGo has noted that limited inventory will be available for the offer and the passengers can book the Student Discount till 31st December 2019. So, if Student flyers want to enjoy the exclusive benefits of the offer, they must book their student discount offer tickets before 31st December 2019. Once the booking is made the tickets will be non-transferable and also name change in the booking will not be permitted. Passengers opting for Student Discount flyers will also be able to enjoy the benefits of the offer on both one-way and round-trip bookings. IndiGo has strictly marked that they will reserve the right to amend, modify or cancel the offer without any prior information. Also, all the bookings made under the offer will be governed by IndiGo’s condition of carriage. One the passengers have made the booking, they will agree to all the terms and conditions related to student discount offer. Also, any disputes related to the offer will be subjected to courts at New Delhi.

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