IndiGo Pilot Programme: How to Become an IndiGo Pilot

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IndiGo has become the number one airline of Indian Aviation after capturing most of the market share. Recently, it was rated as the fifth safest low-cost airline in global aviation. It is undoubtedly a testament to IndiGo's excellent services over the past few years. The airline looks after its customer's interests, and that is why it also has something called as Plan B. IndiGo Plan B is a program from the airline which has been introduced to help customers who can't fly to their desired destinations because the airline has cancelled or delayed the flight because of natural factors. So following Plan B, customers can reschedule their flights or even cancel them without any additional expenditure. Anyone would naturally want to be associated with IndiGo if they are going to become a pilot simply because of the brand value that the carrier holds in the aviation industry. Now with, IndiGo pilot program, you can do that. Here are all the details about the IndiGo Pilot Programme.




What Is Flight Ops Of IndiGo?

If you are looking to join IndiGo as a pilot, then you should know about the Flight Ops department of the airline. The primary concern of this airline is to make sure that the operations of flights that take place regularly are conducted in a safe, legal and efficient atmosphere. So this department ensures that every pilot trained under the IndiGo pilot programme knows what he/she needs to follow in order to keep the passengers safe. The pilots are made to monitor every accident that has ever taken place, and it helps them in analysing what happened so that they don't repeat the mistakes.

License to Fly

For attaining a license to fly, you have to take an examination. IndiGo takes examinations on regular intervals of the trainee pilots. If you are a trainee pilot and can crack the examination, you are good to fly for the airline. The minimum age to appear for exams conducted by IndiGo is 18 years, and the maximum age is 40 years. For appearing for the examination of the IndiGo pilot programme, you will have to register yourself online through the carrier's official website only and also provide a resume.

Types Of Programs

There are different programs under the IndiGo pilot program. First one is the Cadet Pilot Program. The airline has partnered with the Skyborne Airline Academy to conduct this program. The cadet program is focused on helping the aspiring young pilots to receive their first commercial pilot license (CPL) and rating for Airbus A320 in an efficient and focused way. Then there is the IndiGo Pilot Program. This program is for people who want to join the team of IndiGo as a First Officer. You can register for this exam by merely going to the airline's website and searching for the IndiGo Pilot Program. Then there is the Non-Type Rated Pilots Program. This program is no joke and the only people who are eligible to appear for it must be senior first officer of the airline or should be captain and above. There are more criteria that the senior pilot must fulfil which are mentioned on the airline's website. The other two types of programs are Type Rated Pilot Program and he A320 Type Rated Expat Pilots program. The former program can be completed by the Junior First Officer and First Officer and Senior First Officer of the airline. It can also be done by the captain of the airline. The last program can only be done by a pilot who has completed a minimum of 5000 hours of flight time and has a minimum experience of flying A320 for 1000 hours.

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