IndiGo Pilots and Crew Members Raise Positivity Together

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These are testing times for the aviation industry. All the major airlines are at a standstill till the time lockdown goes away, and it is hurting their cash flow at an exponential rate every day that passes. Even though there is no cash inflow from commercial operations, there are still fixed costs that have to be met. It has put the airlines in a very tight position, and the worst thing is there is no clarity about when the operations will start. IndiGo though, is still in a good place, as per reports, IndiGo can meet its fixed costs for the next six months even if there are no operations. But the same can’t be said about other airlines. In light of the recent events, IndiGo pilots and crew members raise positivity by sharing a video.

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IndiGo Pilots and Crew Members Chant ‘We Will Fly Again’

Pradeep Krishnan, one of the pilots of IndiGo airline, shared a video on his Instagram handle, which included many IndiGo employees to raise positivity amidst testing times. In the video, every employee, be it a pilot or cabin crew, were seen chanting - we will fly again. It is to give out a message to the community that the airline is not going anywhere, and they will fly back very soon.

Forecast For the Aviation Industry Is Looking Grim

In a recent report from the aviation consultancy CAPA, the forecast for the aviation industry doesn’t look right. The reports suggest that there is going to be a drop of around 50 to 60 million passengers in domestic travel and a decline of 30-40 million passengers in International travel. This essentially means that the problem of cash shortage is still going to continue up until the time things come back to normal. The first quarter of the financial year 2021 is likely to result in a virtual flush-out for the aviation industry.

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