IndiGo Pilots Pushing the Engines to Full Throttles Might Be Causing Mid Air Glitches

IndiGo's engine troubles might be because of the takeoff approach that the airline takes to save fuel as per a new report on the matter

By November 29th, 2019 AT 9:02 PM
  • IndiGo and GoAir use the same Airbus aircrafts
  • Both the airlines also use the Pratt & Whitney engines
  • Out of the two airlines IndiGo has faced engine glitches

IndiGo and GoAir are two of the most popular low cost carriers in India right now. IndiGo is of course the market leader and boasts of having the most market share right now, but there is one thing in which GoAir beats IndiGo and that is in the maintenance of its engine if a new report is to be believed. Both of these budget carriers use the same Pratt and Whitney engines for their aircrafts, but IndiGo is the only one that has faced a lot of engine failures and even grounding of its aircrafts due to it. As per a new report by Bloomberg on the matter, this issue could be because of the hard revving of the engines by the IndiGo pilots during the takeoff, which is something that GoAir does not do.


Engine Glitches Due to Difference in Takeoff Approach

There is a difference between the approach methods of both the airlines towards the takeoff. While IndiGo revs its engines at full-throttle right after the takeoff to save fuel, GoAir has a different alt-climb approach which applies less thrust but uses a little more fuel. However, this difference in approaches might be the reason why IndiGo had to face 13 engine shutdowns related to low-pressure turbines during the ascent. 

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IndiGo Not Able to Expand Fleet

According to the people aware of the matter, the practise of revving engine at full throttle might cause the engines to wear down and shut down, which might be clue to IndiGo’s engine woes. It is also worth noting that as per the order of DGCA, IndiGo has to ground one of its aircrafts whose engine has not been fixed. This is restricting IndiGo from expanding its fleet in a very competitive market and with plans of expanding its wings in the international destinations. IndiGo also happens to be the biggest A320neo customer in the world with 730 of these planes already in order with the US based aircraft manufacturer, Airbus. 

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