IndiGo Promise Offers Cover for Delays, Cancellations and Lost Baggage for Only Rs 49

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Whenever you are flying, no matter how great of a day you are having or how good the airline is, there is always a chance for a small mishap. Some of the most commonly heard ways in which the passengers face a hassle includes flight delays, cancellations and lost baggage. This is the reason why airlines and other companies offer travel insurance. While a full fledged travel insurance will cover accidental claims as well, which include life and death situations and hazard to your health as well, most people would simply like to cover common mishaps like missing luggage, flight cancellations and delays. Now, one of the most popular carriers in the Indian aviation industry is IndiGo. The low cost carrier boasts of having the most number of aircrafts in India, with a fleet count of upwards 245. This means that a lot of flyers must be boarding IndiGo flights each day and if you happen to be one of them, then we suggest that you check out IndiGo’s own way of covering its passengers for flight delays, cancellations and missing luggage. IndiGo offers the IndiGo promise service, which offers the cover for these things to the passengers. 


IndiGo Promise Benefits

It is worth noting that IndiGo Promise service will be available as a pre-booking service to the passengers, at the time of their ticket booking. Every passenger, except infants would be eligible for the IndiGo Promise service and it would only cost the flyers Rs 49. Now this fee for the IndiGo Promise service will be applicable on a per passenger per sector basis. The passengers of IndiGo willing to avail this service would be able to make the payment for it, either online through the official IndiGo website or through the IndiGo call centre. Although the fee is non-refundable, it would be refunded to the passenger in case they cancel their entire booking. 

Now talking about the benefits which IndiGo Promise offers to the passengers, the first benefit that the passengers will be able to have on their bookings is on trip cancellation. So, if a passenger avails the IndiGo Promise service and their flight gets cancelled due to reasons which are beyond IndiGo’s control, then the passengers will get an IndiGo Booking voucher of Rs 1,000. In case of flight delays, if the flight is delayed by 60 minutes to 119 minutes, then the passengers with IndiGo Promise would be eligible for an IndiGo Booking voucher of Rs 500. In case, the flight is delayed by more than 120 minutes, then the passengers would be able to get an IndiGo Booking voucher of Rs 1,000. 

Things to Keep in Mind for IndiGo Promise

IndiGo has also noted that the booking vouchers will only be redeemable against flight bookings made on the IndiGo official website within ninety (90) days of the issuance of the booking voucher. Lastly, the passengers should also note that if a booking voucher is used partially, the balance amount will be forfeited. If the booking is cancelled, the booking voucher will not be revalidated and the amount paid by such booking voucher will stand forfeited.  

Air Asia Tune Protect

It is also crucial to note that other airlines also offer similar services to their passengers, wherein the can buy cover for these mishaps before their travel along with the tickets. For example, Air Asia also offers the Tune Protect insurance for a fee where the passengers get cover for lost luggage, delays, cancellations and accidental covers as well. 

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